Strategy and news regarding the updated tier change.

Hello Astronaut’s we have released articles of why we have changed from the whitelist style to staking. We have also discussed some strategies regarding the launchpad on our telegram daily with community feedback being awesome.

The tiers that are here to stay (for now) are as follows:

  • Moon: 100

Mayday, Mayday, we have been hit by an asteroid.

Astronaut has partnered up with HyperJump by providing some initial liquidity and ability to farm alloy!

“HyperJump is a project on the Binance Smart Chain and the Fantom Opera chain dedicated to eGaming and making DeFi fun and easy to use. The primary tokens on BSC are HyperBurn (HYPR) , a frictionless yield token with a dynamic burn mechanism that earns just by being held in a wallet, and (ALLOY) the native reward token of The Asteroid Field yield farm. The primary token on Fantom are HyperAurora (AURORA) , a frictionless…

Getting ready for our first IDO’s and some awesome news to look forward to.

Hello Astronaut’s it has been an awesome last two months. First off, we want to thank everyone for their support of the community, team and the process. The community remains strong and consistent with a good vibe and daily interaction. We have seen some crazy price action swings from $3 to $6 then back to $4. We have gained over 4000 new holders in the past month! CEX listings are done and finished (we will not be listing on anymore as they don't prove so useful)…

Houston, we have booked our first IDO launch, the amazing Bitcrush!

Astronaut is proud to host their first IDO for Bitcrush Arcade taking place on May 25th @ 3 PM UTC.

We will have tiering into the IDO pools open 3 days prior to the IDO to lock in the spot for you. There is a maximum of 3000 $NAUT holders who can partake in this IDO.

“Bitcrush Arcade is a gaming platform aimed to further integrate the world of Defi and iGaming. …

Houston, we have landed on a eucalyptus tree.

Once again the Astronauts have left the jungle with a new partnership. This time it is with Koala DeFi. (

What is Koala DeFi?

Koala DeFi Finance is a yield farming dapp running on Binance Smart Chain and Pancake swap exchange, with cool new features that let you earn and win LYPTUS tokens. The idea behind this project is to create a safe place for conservative farmers. The Koala is a quiet animal, he loves eating eucaLYPTUS and sleeping without worrying about his account (which grows while he sleeps)

What is LYPTUS?

Let’s show the rest how its done the right way.

With the release of staking we have gotten a couple of people whining about the burn “fee”. Let us put you at ease.

First off, if you don't like the burn fee, don't enter the IDO. It’s very simple no one will force you to join. Second, if you are a higher tier and don't want to get into that tier the choice is yours to enter a tier that is lower. Nonetheless, if the high tiers have less people in them their allocations will be huge according to the…

Astronaut is hosting AMA’s on our telegram for potential upcoming IDO’s

Hello Astronauts! It has been a crazy few weeks. We are finally winding down to our first IDO’s but first we need to take a small step back to take a large step forward.

Astronaut will be hosting AMA’s on their channel every single month for potential IDO projects that will launch on the Astronaut platform. The platform is ready for launches but we want to insure the best system and results for both our community and projects who come to launch with us.

These AMA’s are a move…

Take your launch to the next level. Full suite IDO program for new projects.

The Sonic Boom Program is a fast track program for high-quality projects to immediately get listed on the premier Decentralized Exchange, ApeSwap, after launching their token on the Astronaut IDO Launchpad!

Once again our awesome partners at have come through to support us. This is extremely exciting news for us Astronauts!

The Sonic Boom Program is designed for top tier projects in mind including multiple juicy incentives to get launched into the stratosphere. …

Astronaut AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS Hosts Astronaut — a hybrid auto yield-decentralized protocol for auction pools built on BSC. All questions answered by Dr. NAUT

Lola (AMA HOST): Can I have Astronauts team say Hi?

Dr. NAUT: Hi

Lola (AMA HOST): How’re you doing today @talrothschild

Dr. NAUT: hey doing great thank you how are you

Lola (AMA HOST): I’m good too.

Shall we go into what we have for you today?


Dr. NAUT: yes lets get it going 🙂

Lola (AMA HOST): Good

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and Astronaut? …

Strategic Discussion: Whitelist or Staking?

We have released tier levels yesterday and have listened to the communities feedback. We do not want to delay the updates (which we received through our community feedback) and have decided to make the changes before it becomes chaotic.

Many in the community were concerned that the “snapshot” or “whitelist” system is the reason all of the other launchpad platforms dump so hard after every IDO, and we agreed. We need to use our burn and redistribution token to our full advantage as we have the upper hand on other platforms. …

Hybrid auto yield token and protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain

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