Buy Gas

In order to enter a race, you must first buy enough gas. Gas is purchased in virtual gallons, with each gallon costing about $1 to $5 USD. All purchases and winnings in the game are in $RWX tokens, but costs are quoted in USD to maximize ease of understanding and to maintain consistent prices. All races are shown as “1 GAL” or “5 GAL” races. This means that you will need 1 gallon of gas to enter a “1 GAL” race.

Selecting a Race

Players must have a car selected. To select a car, a player will go to their garage and choose the car they want to race with. Once this is done, players would be able to view upcoming races by all classes, by their car’s eligible races, or by racetrack. They can then choose a race and enter their strategy.

Choose Your Race Strategy

Players will see the Race Conditions will be displayed to the players, this will comprise important information that will inform and influence their strategy.

  • weather,
  • track conditions,
  • pit conditions, and
  • fan sentiment.
  • Engine Strategy,
  • Race Posture,
  • Tires to use,
  • Racing Line,
  • Breaking Technique, and
  • Pit strategy.

Race Results

At the end of a race, about five minutes (this is a virtual race after all), the top three winners in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be revealed. Also presented is a summary of what happened during the race. You might find that one of the racers blew a tire, crashed, or slid off the track.

RacewayX Tokenomics:

Astronaut x RacewayX IDO Information:

🚨Astronaut will be launching RacewayX on February 28th at 3PM UTC!🚨



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