• 2% to buy $LICH and redistributed back to $LICH buyback pool.
  • 1.8% reward tokens will be remain and reward $xLICH pool stakers.
  • 0.2% for the automated function that calling the harvest.

How Do We Use $LICH?


$LICH is Scourge Finance’s native token with the utility to generate more income and its store value.

  1. You can stake $LICH in “Stake LICH” pool where you can redeem $xLICH in order to redeem more $LICH over the time. (please check out our “Stake LICH” site to understand how the ratio of redeeming more $LICH will keep going up)
  2. Users will need to hold $LICH to buy our “Sentinel VS Scourge” (P2E NFTs) to participate in our game. (Note : We are progressing with our NFT designs. As soon as completed, we will have another medium to update about the test and launch)
  3. Between Q1 — Q2 2022, if the community growth continues, $ARTHAS will be launching. (Concept token now, but will create huge buyback for $LICH overtime)
  4. In Q2 we will have our own launchpad where $LICH will be needed for users to hold to qualify in a tiered presale program.
  5. In Q2 as well we will have our lending protocol test and mainnet where $LICH will be our utility token across all of our platforms.

How Do We Use $xLICH?


  1. $xLICH acts as a receipt token. You can stake $xLICH to earn more $LICH in “Vaults Tab”.
  2. $xLICH can also stake in “Stake LICH” pool for other protocol token such as $dKNIGHT, $BOO and many more protocol partnership’s token.”

Astronaut x Scourge Finance IDO Details:

🚨Astronaut will be launching Scourge on February 10th at 3PM UTC🚨



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