What is an ILO ?

What is an ILO?

An ILO stands for initial locked offering. It might sound like it is just a 100% vested launch, but it is far from it. It is basically 100% locked initially, but also 100% liquid initially.

  1. The first and most obvious utility should be its main usecase; These NFT’s will allow you to “withdraw” tokens from a pool that holds the “presale” tokens. Consider it like a vesting contract, that’s transferrable in an NFT form that slowly releases tokens daily from a pool. (holding the NFT in your wallet gives you easy access to “stake” in the pool )
  2. It is important to note the difference from a vesting contract; The fact that they will be sellable and liquid on our native NFT marketplace! Outsiders can come in and buy the NFT which will give them access to the token pool. The team can also bid on them as a way to “buyback” at cheapest price levels.
  3. Projects can research and analyze current NFT holders at anytime giving them certain extra benefits (will cover on another article)
  4. The pools will give linear APY’s meaning those NFT holders who prefer to receive and stake their NFT’s at a later date will receive higher %’s on the staking, hence more tokens. (holders who really believe in the project and team they invested in)
  5. VC’s and private sale NFT’s will be available (during the next phase) but they will all be on the same standing ground as anyone else. They will just have the opportunity to buy more “NFT’s” and will slowly receive the tokens as they release in the pool just like everyone else.
  6. Very special utility — Unrevealed. (TBA)

Why is this good for everyone?

We believe this system is highly beneficial to everyone including the presalers, vc’s, launchpad, and team.



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