Updated Astronaut IDO Flow

Tested, and ready for takeoff. Big developments coming!

Hello Astronaut family, We have an updated IDO flow for our users! We will try to keep it as simple as possible in this article.

A community poll was taken regarding different options on how to run the IDO’s. The majority voted for this flow that we will integrate. Not many changes are being put in place, but very important updates.

Astronaut core team has decided to move away from the idea of tiered guaranteed allocation and integrate whitelisting, NFT’s and Astroshot contract. With a possibility in the far future to use overflow or a guaranteed allocation (1 tier) contract. The IDO’s will be conducted through different rounds. This will be the IDO style for some time.

The decision and reason for letting go of the tiering is the NAUT burn built into the tokenomics and the fact that the style really hurts the hype many projects want. With tiered IDO’s the presale must go on for over 24 hrs+ to allow everyone to stake their NAUT and then stake into pools. This really hurts the hype and excitement when it comes to IDO’s, on top of that the high tiers have a very large burn.

We have upped the current NAUT holdings for Astroshot eligibility to 600 $NAUT tokens. This will be in effect right away. With these requirements we can say goodbye to any botting.

Now onto the juicy stuff…

Without the ability to whitelist through a smart contract we would normally do whitelistings manually. This will change during our upcoming IDO with a new whitelist IDO contract!

The way the IDO flow will go is as follows:

With most projects using whitelisting for their IDO’s they allocate a portion of the IDO raise to this. Astronaut will accept whitelists of up to 50% of the full raise.

The way to get into these whitelist is through several ways:

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