Update: $NAUT Launchpad Tiers

Strategy and news regarding the updated tier change.

Hello Astronaut’s we have released articles of why we have changed from the whitelist style to staking. We have also discussed some strategies regarding the launchpad on our telegram daily with community feedback being awesome.

The tiers that are here to stay (for now) are as follows:

  • Moon: 100
  • Mars: 250
  • Star: 600
  • Galaxy: 1500
  • Blackhole: Unreleased (will be a very high barrier to entry)

We have seen a very large price spike two weeks ago from the low $3 level to over $6.25 and this has caused us to rethink our strategy. So, why have we changed the tiers? This was a very hard decision done by us as we knew it would follow up with a dump of the price and the reason why we are at around $3.50 as of now. Nonetheless, we are confident that this decision was the right one, lets elaborate:

When entering a $NAUT IDO tier you have a slippage or “burn” that is applied to the tokenomics when interacting with a contract. This is not necessarily a bad thing for a few reasons. We have explained that this will control the amount of “outsiders” from just buying into the IDO and selling out of the $NAUT token instantly after causing dumps after every other IDO. It will also be relevant to everyone so you are not the only one who is getting that burn happening to you. This also benefits our holders who rather sit our on certain IDO’s which they are less comfortable with.

When these burns happen the higher your tier the more of a “fee” you pay to enter. If we would have left the old tiering system, getting into the moon tier would be over $3000 in $NAUT value and for the Galaxy tier it would be $31000 in $NAUT value! Furthermore, it would have given you a $280 “fee” for the low tier and a staggering $2500 “fee” for the higher tier.

With the price being so high and a hard barrier of entry we experienced much slower growth on the number of holders when the tiers were still high. Now that they are lower we are gaining over 400 holders daily!

Finally, it made sense to lower the tiers before the first IDO so we can collect better feedback and data to make changes later on. We will follow up with an article about the process for getting into the tiers and how to stake. It is super simple and easy.

Staking for IDO’s will be available for the first time around May 22–23 and a NAUT-NAUT pool will be opened following our first IDO on May 25th. Follow us on social media to stay tuned and in the loop!

Hybrid auto yield token and protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain

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