Flight control: We have a confirmed IDO launch with the awesome Twin Finance.

Astronaut is excited to host the IDO launch for Twin Finance which will take place on June 15th 2021 @ 4 pm UTC.

Staking into the tiers will be announced as the date gets closer with a timer to keep everyone informed. We will follow up with price per $TWIN and confirmed total raise amounts.

NOTE: there will be a limit to the pool - 950 participants MAX, if any of the raise is not completed NAUT holders will receive a chance to enter the FCFS round

What is Twin Finance and what will be the platform usecase?

Twin Finance aims to bring traditional investments to the blockchain in the form of synthetic assets called tAssets. For example, you can trade and mint new assets (with depositing collateral) like tNDX and get exposure to the price of the Nasdaq 100.

To name a few platform usecases of Twin Finance, you can:
— Invest in new tAssets like Stocks, Currencies and more to come.
— Leverage portfolio by minting their tUSD stablecoin
— Short the tAssets (stocks, currencies, etc) and speculate on the price

What will be the token utility?

$TWIN is the governance token of their platform. It is used to reward the community for betting liquidity and to reward holders with purchase fees.

Twin Finance already accomplished some amazing things such as:

— Complete Audit, carried out by TechRate before their IDO Launch.
— Developed the best platform for the creation of Synthetic Tokens, with the highest functionality and lowest% of collateral required.
— Launched a testnet version of their App on Twin.Finance

So what is upcoming for Twin Finance?

In the next few months they want to:
— Partner with other platforms and networks in order to expand Twin’s reach.
— Expand the Twin ecosystem to other blockchains
— Launch their governance contract to allow the community to vote

— Twin Finance is currently in negotiations with other big projects in the HECO network to make Twin Finance multi-chain.


Initial Supply: 35,000,000.00 $TWIN

IDO Price: $0.02

Total Supply: 180,000,000 $TWIN

-T-Assets LP Staking: 75,000,000 $TWIN

-Twin LP Staking: 15,500,000 $TWIN

-Pool Staking: 18,000,000 $TWIN

-ICO: 17,500,000 $TWIN

-Team: 18,000,000 $TWIN

-Marketing and Cooperations: 10,000,000 $TWIN

Every year there is a “halving” in the issuance of tokens. their initial farms will mint 7.3 $TWIN per block or around 201,600 $TWIN per day


The burning is carried out with the funds obtained from 2 mechanisms:

-Pancakeswap fees for exchanges: 0.12% Returned to liquidity pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers (PancakeSwap Exchange).

-Buyouts tAssets: 4% of the profits from the collateral ratio. These two aforementioned Fees will be used for the burning of Tokens.

Astronaut is extremely excited for the Twin Finance launch and we will be there to help them however we can, through our partnership, advisory and marketing services. Stay up to date on news and updates by joining our social media networks.



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Protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain —