Satoshi Club x Astronaut AMA

In this Recap was a guest from Astronaut. The AMA took place on April 19th, 2021 and our guest was @talrothschild.

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — Introduction and questions from the Telegram & Bitcointalk community

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello dear Satoshi Club! Today we have a space guest 😁 Astronaut

Dr. NAUT: Hello hello

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Welcome to another AMA session, today our guest is @talrothschild

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: our guest is @talrothschild!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Hello Dr. how is going your day? nice pic 😁

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: welcome to Satoshi Club🚀

Dr. NAUT: Hello hello! doing great hope everyone is well.

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Happy to know that, to begin the AMA could you please introduce yourself? we want to know more about you

Dr. NAUT: Sure thing

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: How did you get to be involved in crypto spase & Astronaut?

Dr. NAUT: So my name is Dr. NAUT or Toby, I started my career after achieving my MBA in UF Warrington within the banking system. I was a UHNW banker and went from there to investment banking. I then took the consulting route and was a consultant with Deloitte in their digital banking unit. This is where i became involved with crypto and blockchain, i learned a lot from my colleagues at Delloitte who is a leader in the space. Now i am the CMO of Astronaut! getting ready to moon.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Great experience! What is the essence of your project?

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Great background, Deloitte is one of the big four

Dr. NAUT: Our project is an IDO launchpad built on the BSC. We are a hybrid token which I can explain later, with several use cases and utilities. Basically a protocol built for raising capital on the BSC

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Absolutely in the spirit of the times! 👍🚀

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Why did you choose BSC to built astronaut? which benefits it brings to you?

Dr. NAUT: BSC is currently experiencing booming growth. Very bullish about the BNB ecosystem. We believe it will pass Ethereum if they dont take quick action to lower transaction fees and speed up transfer time. It gives us large benefits including the ability to make contract interactions very cheap and efficient. We partner with many platforms and are currently on apeswap, cafeswap, beefy, ect. We have 2 more partners announcing this week so we do have pools and farms available for our holders while they await our Phase II buildout

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Completely agree! Congratulations👏, so great events are coming for Astronaut, right?

Dr. NAUT: These next two weeks are HUGE for us. Crazy amount of events.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: BTW also we would like to know about your team. Who is on the project team?

Dr. NAUT: We have some awesome team members, and we also like to include our admins as part of our team since they are the front line. People dont realize that the work admins do compares to the devs or even greater, our team consists of me as the CMO, Shazeb Khan as our Co founder and back end Dev he was an Ex AAVE dev who worked with them during their seed stage in skelia. Andrew Matthew is our project manager and UI guy / design, Absher is our designer and front end. We also have Adam, Austin, Astro, JWK, Bilbo, and Alexandros as our epic admin team they run our social media platforms and are the biggest marketing push a team can ask for. They host contests and are also administrators of discord, reddit, medium, tg, and twitter. So kudos to those guys

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Thank you so much for recognize the admin’s job💪😃 Btw, amazing work team

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thank you very much for the great intro! Ready for community questions?🚀

Dr. NAUT: yeah those guys are machines. thank you. yes lets get it going!

Q1 from Telegram User @yellowchamp

$750,000 in NAUT was burned to celebrate Phase II with remarkable milestones, including a new evolved UI & dApp IDO launchpad. Can you explain why did you burn that such amount of $NAUT tokens? What will be the impact of burning of tokens will bring in your platform and in your community and to investors? Since you burn tokens in Phase 2, do you also have plan to burn in other succeeding phase in the future? Thank you

Dr. NAUT: Great question, the reason we burnt the tokens is because of our roadmap, originally we were supposed to take a much longer time during Phase I but saw the booming growth of the BSC so we sped it up from 3–5 months to 1–2 months. We pretty much took a chunk of the amount of tokens that would of been burnt over those months and burned them in one shot to get us up to date on the roadmap.

The impact of burning tokens bring scarcity and also makes the price go up over time. This will be helpful for us to better stabilize our price. The reason we need price stabilization is because we are a tiered launchpad. If price goes from $1 to $12 within a week it would be very hard for new investors to get tiered into our IDO tiers.

Finally, we plan to do one more large burn to finish it off. That will be our final large manual burn.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: By the way, please share your roadmap

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: It will become a traditional event for Astronaut? I mean the burning tokens


Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Thank you, btw, could you tell us about the main use cases of astronaut token $NAUT?

Dr. NAUT: sure thing, so the main use case is for our IDO platform. Holders of the NAUT token can get whitelisted into different tiers according to their holdings. We will have 5 tiers available. This tiering allows you a guranteed allocation in new projects launching. over time with the burn and redistribution mechanism holders gain more NAUT tokens and gets them into higher tier levels for a bigger piece of allocations. We also have a small spoiler here.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: We love spoilers😁

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Oh an easter egg?👀

Dr. NAUT: No other platform has done this before, but we will have NFT’s that will be very rare and the contract holders of these NFTS will get into the tier of the “NFT” i can show you a quick preview of one and will delete it. They will be very high end NFT’s. So there will only be 50 minted of 5 different types. 10 of each. These will get you into the tier levels if you hold them

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: What I saw was beautiful😍

Dr. NAUT: You can sell them later on to people who want to buy and get access to the tiers without having to hold even 1 NAUT token

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Amazing, who are your designers?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: It will be very rare NFT🚀

Dr. NAUT: Our designer is a man called Chas. He is a true alpha male.

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Congratulations Dr., He is so talented👏 Well, are you ready for the next question?😃

Dr. NAUT: yes always ready

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thank you very much for your answers and clarifications.

Q2 from Telegram User @victorogb

Astronaut’s project growth especially with community and partnerships through the phase I period has been pretty impressive and massive and as such phase II has been set to full throttle. As part of the plans rolled out for the phase II period, Astronaut will be embarking on increased marketing campaigns and promotions to boost conversations and awareness around the Astronaut project. Apart from AMAs and other team marketing functions, what other ways does Astronaut aim to further promote it’s services and how will Astronaut involve it’s vibrant and increasing community, making them a part of this huge promotional drive?

Dr. NAUT: This is a very important question to ask any and every project. The basis of any project is literally its marketing and team. Today creating a fork of a project is not the most complicated task and most projects are forked from other projects. What makes the big difference is the marketing. We focus on every piece of marketing from traditional Twitter, Medium and TG posts to bringing in brand ambassadors.

We have channels available on Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. Our community is known to be a fun and vibrant community that is transparent and doesn’t “moderate it” like police men. We let people have fun, share games, talk about things other than crypto as well. This has been something that has carried us through phase I and we have built a very strong probably one of the strongest communities in the BSC.

We host contests every single day for our members, we have gaming competitions, we do some shilling of course. We will continue to add to our marketing power and partnerships.

-We have two partnerships announced this week.

– 3 new exchange listings this week including Bitmart, Hotbit and p2pb2b

– And 7 amas lined up. (pray for me)

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Could you share the links to that channels? Please

Dr. NAUT: Sure one moment.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: 🙏 pray for you🚀😉


Thats good for now 🙂

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Satoshi Clubbers join please🚀 Thank you! ready for the next question?

Dr. NAUT: yes yes

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: How many AMAs today?

Q3 from Telegram User @RosemaryBianco

Within Astronaut users will find a 4% fee, which is a purchase fee to enter the performance pool. But they are based on Binance smart chain, is this fee relatively high for users? How will this 4% be used or distributed in such a way as to influence the constant and positive development of the project?

Dr. NAUT: This 4% fee is not a fee we receive. It is part of our tokenomics and burn structure. When going to purchase NAUT you set your slippage to 5% (this includes the swaps 1% fee) we have a 3% burn and a 1% distribution to the holders. The reason we set this up is for holders who don’t want to partake in IDO’s can also enjoy benefits of the platform just from its growth. This also can allow us to control tiers (if we decide to switch to a staking style) it would control the amount of power whales have by giving them a larger burn since they will be staking more tokens to get into the tiers. Regarding the previous question.

👨🏻‍🚀 This Week for $Naut 👩🏻‍🚀

19th April

– BitMart Marketing begins

– Hotbit Marketing begins

– BSCNews Press Release

20th April

– Satoshi Club AMA

21st April

– Bitmart AMA

– Hotbit AMA

– BitMart Exchange Listing

22nd April

– BSCDaily AMA

23rd April


– Hotbit Exchange Listing

– P2PB2B Exchange Listing

26th April


Date TBC (Sometime in April)

– Partnership 1:

– Medium + Twitter 22nd of April at 7PM UTC

– AMA 23rd of April 1PM UTC

– Pool Launch 23rd of April 3PM UTC

– Partnership 2

🚀 Exciting next few days ahead guys!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Hard schedule😬, praying for you haha

Dr. NAUT: Lol ty.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Wow! Hot week for astronauts😁🚀🔥

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Thank you for the clear answer, could you share your tokenomics? How is the token distribution?

Dr. NAUT: Sure one moment let me get that informaton

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: This is a rather original concept and you reasoned everything very clearly. 🚀


The liquidity is locked and team tokens are locked for 2 years, contracts can be found on our whitepaper

Community fund is used to top off pools, partnerships, and marketing / contests

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks a lot for the clarification👍 Ready for the next question🚀

Dr. NAUT: Good to note we are currently at 8.8M supply because of the burn. yes 🙂

Q4 from Telegram User @cryptofollower

On your website it says Astronaut will provide tiered launch and won’t allow the whales and bots to consume all allocated slots of new projects. What are your plans for doing that? First of all how will you prevent the NAUT token whales from eating the allocation of launchpad projects? Will you require the KYC for launchpad for this matter? Could you please go into details?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: that’s really cool🚀

Dr. NAUT: Great question, when we launch IDO’s you will be placed in one of 5 tiers depending on the amount of holdings you have in your wallet. Whales would obviously get a piece of the highest tier and would hold a substantial amount of NAUT tokens. The way it works is by pool weight. We take a formula which puts your directed guaranteed allocation as a pool weight. The system is a whitelisting and FCFS system that will allow thousands to participate up to a max amount of people.

By you receiving your guaranteed allocation whales are only able to eat up a certain amount of the new IDO’s allocation. They cant overtake your position like they would normally do on other platforms. We have devised this system to make it fair for small and large investors.

The tier amounts have not been released yet as we will have them as the last piece of information we give around 10 days before our first launch. We currently have 15+ applications for IDO’s and are working with one that is closed for mid-may already.

KYC would be required for the projects launching only. It would also give them a requirement for liquidity locks.

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Do you have your own wallet?

Dr. NAUT: In what sense?

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: I mean, there is a NAUT wallet?

Dr. NAUT: oh no there is not, we wont be creating our own wallet. Can be used directly from metamask, trust and the likes

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Great, so, you are going to be listed on important exchanges, are you planning staking programs on those exchanges?

Dr. NAUT: So we have multiple CEX listings coming this week. We also have our partnership DEX such as apeswap, cafeswap, and working on getting into PCS currently. We have staking available on our current partner exchanges and on beefy for yield optimization. We will also have NAUT-NAUT staking on our platform once the back end is complete within the next week and a half or so

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: How much APR?

Dr. NAUT: fluctuates daily but started with some ridiculous number of 200k% it is down now as many have staked into the pools

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for the answers! ready for the next question?

Dr. NAUT: yes mam

Q5 from Telegram User @ninoska0012

The fundamental flaws of the existing launch pads in current Defi projects is that acquiring enough tokens to participate in the ecosystem is prohibitive, and even if you enter the initial sales pool, you are not guaranteed an allocation location. When it comes to whitelisting or lottery sales, there is a problem with automated bots filling up places in a matter of seconds. Is Astronaut creating a fair and decentralized way to solve these problems? During Astronaut’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product), will $ NAUT have price stabilization? What mechanism will they apply to stabilize prices?

Dr. NAUT: As we have said earlier the price mechanism to stabilize price is built in our current tokenomics of a 4% slippage with a 3% burn and a 1% redistribution. This creates both holders and causes a deflationary case. Investors dont trade in and out of the token as they normally would with other launchpads. By trading in and out they lose a portion of their holdings. This would not benefit them at all, and it allows us to keep a stable price level.

Regarding problems with IFO’s, White-listings and lotteries we have that all under control. You would still have to fill out a “whitelist” form for our IDO’s but this form is for NAUT holders only. If you FCFS into one of our tier levels you are guaranteed an allocation of the new IDO’s. We have also 25x’d from our initial launch and growing daily. So this price stabalization is still in progress.

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Btw, have you been audited or are you in process to be? What is the current price? 🤔

Dr. NAUT: hovering around $3 we started at .2 had a huge surge and now building back up

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: 😱Congratulations, big pump

Dr. NAUT: We will see a surge to $9 in the coming weeks.. i didnt make that ^

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Great news for holder, don’t lose this opportunity Satoshiclubbers 🥳

Dr. NAUT: Good to note, any growth we have seen was pre platform. Our platform isnt even released yet so when it does it will be another level

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: @talrothschild do you want to add something else before the next question? some approximate date?

Dr. NAUT: That is all

Q6 from Telegram User @JuanSB07

On your website and documents you say that Astronaut’s goal is to help raise capital in the BNB ecosystem. And that your “starter” platform will make it easy for people to sign up for various whitelists, right? But how will they consistently get so many white lists? To do this, will they associate with those respective projects? How can users and investors make sure that these white lists are not false or end up being scam?

Dr. NAUT: Great great question, Astronaut has currently partnered up with several partners. We also have made some strategic partners with platforms that will help refer us IDOs and also locker platforms for liquidity locks we have both advisors and ambassadors who help us find projects that are up and coming. The fact of the matter is no project is 100% safe. We can try as hard as we want to make it 100% rug proof but its impossible. Although, we will take every step necessary to make sure its as safe as possible. We will run KYC checks, do liquidity locks, team token locks, and go beyond that by still telling our investors to DYOR. If you feel something is shady or off it should be reported or a project that you do not invest in.

Our goal is to make the BSC ecosystem better and to allow new projects to enter the space, we want to do this and will do this in the most efficient and fair manner.

Till today we have received 15+ IDO inquiries which look promising.

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Could you mention some of those IDO projects that have contacted you?

Dr. NAUT: hmm they probably dont want disclosure 😕 but cube-ai is one of them Rewards cane is another.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: And I really like your answer! 😉

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram User @alaskasb

One of the things that I liked the most about Astronaut is its attractive design, it may seem a little insignificant, but the style and design of the website attract users, you really have style. Could you tell us who is in charge of designing your website and advertisements? Also, wouldn’t you think to implement this incredible art in totally unique NFT designs in Astronaut? What do you think about this?

Dr. NAUT: thank you for the kind words, our design is actually led by me as I do the branding. The designers mostly follow the instructions regarding the way it is to be setup. As we have mentioned and spoiled earlier we will be releasing NFTs to be able to tier into IDO’s this is something no other project has done. These NFTs will be ranked according to the IDO tier and priced accordingly as well. Stay tuned for this awesome release.

Q2 from Telegram User @KhaleesiTheCryptoLady

What are the necessary requirements if we want to participate an IDO in your platform?

How do you select applicants?

Dr. NAUT: The requirements to participate in the IDO platform is just holding enough tokens that will allow you to get into the tier. If you for example hold 800 tokens and it is the lowest tier, you would then fill out a short form and it will allow you to get into the “IDO pool” according to your tier level and receive a guranteed allocation. The selection process is a FCFS for whoever fills out the form up to a certain amount of people for example 5000 max.

Q3 from Telegram User @Fossil_kabbya

In Crypto world, projects which are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed by most of the investors. So, what do you think about listing the #Astronaut token on the leading exchange

Dr. NAUT: We are currently on stanby to be listed on Bitmart, Hotbit and p2pb2b later this week. We are also now receiving inquiries from Tier 1 exchanges to list us as they see we are moving forward with multiple Tier1.5 and Tier 2 exchanges. Wen CG? We will have CG up very very shortly once the API from one of these exchanges gets routed to CG

Q4 from Telegram User @Pratze

I read in your telegram admin said that your project doing contest and giveaway every single night. can you explain more detail about the contest, what kind of contest and what the reward? Do your project also doing airdrop and bounty program?

Dr. NAUT: We do not do any airdrops or bounty programs. Every single night or day there is some type of contest ran on our TG channel, This can be a gaming competition with a game one of the admins post on chat, it can be a retweet or a best question contest, it can be a shill post contest it can be pretty much anything. We try to make our community interaction be at the top level. If you enter our TG youll understand exactly what we mean when we say our community is different than the others

Q5 from Telegram User @cindy_crypto

You said IDO’s will be placed in 5 tiers. What is the minimum required NAUT tokens for getting in tier one?

Dr. NAUT: This is a question asked every single day on our TG we have not released an information regarding the tiers as of yet. The reason we have not done so is we have to see the price stabalize more up until the final week before our first IDO launch. I can tell you the low tier will be in the 500–1000 token range and the highest tier between 35,000–50,000 range (which has about 15–30 holders at the moment)

Q6 from Telegram User @Smartling

Recently, some projects that launched on BSC rug pulled and left many investors in debt. What assurances are in place to guarantee that Astronaut will not run away with investors funds?

Dr. NAUT: To make sure this does not happen to the IDOs we launch we will require specific obstacles for the projects such as liquidity locks, team token locks, KYC and very thorough due diligence. As we have said earlier protecting investors 100% is almost impossible but we will achieve that 90% level if we have to.

Q7 from Telegram User @BJosefina61

Will your IDOs be based exclusively on projects integrated to BSC or could it be a place for Polkadot, Ethereum, or other projects in the future?

Dr. NAUT: During phase II our projects will be based on BSC projects. We will be creating a bridge for DOT and ERC projects in the future during Phase III. Good question.

Q8 from Telegram User @adaatalay

New projects develop excitedly well at first. Some do not get good results afterwards. How will you manage and develop to solidify your position in the market and become a trusted project in the blockchain industry?

Dr. NAUT: Continous marketing and work is where we stand out. We know some projects especially meme tokens and the likes have huge pumps then dump because of no utility. We are adding utility and work on expansaion daily. We also have a very strong marketing plan and way to position oursevles. Partnering up with advisors and ambassadors strategically will pay off big time

Q9 from Telegram User @cryptonation2

What are your marketing plans for non english speaking users? Is there any ambassador programme? Or what are your plans that excites investors?

Dr. NAUT: We are expanding into other communities and will have TG’s setup for other communities such as the Chinese, Korean, French and Russian. We have brand ambassadors and mods in every one of these communities. We are working on translating our website and our whitepaper / information. Currently our discord holds all the foreign communities but are working with a very large strategic advisor on getting the korean community in

Q10 from Telegram User @Gutike95

Really what makes the whitelists, groups and auctions of capital raising events implemented by Astronaut so attractive that many projects will want to pre-sell at bsc as you mention? They will be exactly like those made in ETH, only with much less gas costs, right?

Dr. NAUT: Not exactly. The low gas doesnt make or break the deal on the auctions or capital raising. It matters most to be part of BSC because of its explosive growth. Currently BSC is right behind ETH and the margin will only get thinner over time. Astronauts vision and goal is to be the leader in launchpads when it comes to fair launch allocation to its holders

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of Astronaut . They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

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