Get on board before its too late. Important updates coming.

Hello Astronaut family and thank you for bearing with us for such a long time. It has been a long stretch since the first roadmap update. We have integrated everything we have promised since day 1. We have done some mistakes, we have done some good changes and we have tested out several different styles of IDO’s. These include FCFS (Astrorocket) , guaranteed allocation with tiering (IDO) and FCFS with holding NAUT tokens (Astroshot).

None of the different IDO styles were perfect. None were totally horrible. We have heard and listened to our communities requests since the start and have done what we can to deliver what fits best for the overall majority.

The $NAUT team has come to a solution that will possibly make everyone or at least most happy. The moment has finally come!

We will be developing a system in the next 3–4 weeks that will remain forever as the IDO system.

All other IDO systems will be removed once this is integrated. It will be somewhat of a mixture of all 3 of the IDO systems mentioned above.

So how and what is this new IDO style?

Simple. It is an Astrorocket (FCFS if you hold the required $NAUT tokens) with a tiering level. No staking required, only holding $NAUT in wallet to be eligible. Let’s break this down so. it’s easier to understand:

The current IDO system requires you to hold 1000 $NAUT tokens to be able to stake into the IDO, everyone who has the chance and is fast enough to actually get into the IDO receives the same amount of allocation. The ones who get in are extremely happy to be able to get such large allocations for such a small holding. The ones who don’t get in are very upset because they wasted their time waiting for the IDO and holding $NAUT just to lose their spot and allocation.

This system is great but also has its limits when too many holders have 1000+ $NAUT tokens. It causes many to lose out on the chance to get into the IDO and it also doesn't allow any smaller holders to have any benefit in holding $NAUT at all.

The new system will tier you into 3 tiers directly from your wallet; for example Moon, Star and Galaxy.

(Just an example)

We have an IDO with a $200,000 raise and a $300 max contribution.

The IDO is still conducted as a FCFS, but the tier you qualify for determines different levels of max allocation.

The allocations will still be a FCFS and you only need to hold the $NAUT tokens in your wallet to be eligible. No staking is required but it will tier you into the max allocation available for your holding. This will allow us to spread the allocations amongst more wallets and loyal $NAUT community members. It will give a lot more of an opportunity in a fair way to get into the IDO’s and not sell out instantly.

Finally, we will be releasing a long awaited suprise shortly. Just keep patient and continue to support our team.

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