Always moving forward, Always building.

Hello Astronaut community! We want to thank you all for your long term support and involvement in the project. It has been a long road since our launch. We have always strived to deliver utility and products according to our roadmap while ignoring any market conditions and outside noise.

We have completed our third IDO for $SOON — there was a small error while setting up contract which was overlooked. The error was just leaving out one “0”. The pool weight works by a multiplier and its a multiplier of 100, instead of inputing it as a multiplier of 100 we input 20 — Moon (which should have been 200), 50 Mars (which should have been 500)— ect. This caused our moon tier stakers to receive a much larger portion than they should have. It also caused us to only be able to fill only around 25% of the full IDO. Nonetheless, we had no choice but to move the IDO to the FCFS pools to allow for a larger fill.

These problems will not come about in the future as we will make sure to double check and cross check all contract interactions. Furthermore, Astronaut will be airdropping every Mars, Star and Galaxy tiers 8% of the burn amount to compensate their burn during the $SOON IDO. This process will be automated by our team through the tiering contract interaction and you should receive the tokens within a weeks time. You do not have to do anything on your end.

Now on to the good stuff! During our last roadmap we have promised to release a FCFS pool which has been deployed and active during our last two IDO’s. MATIC bridge, pools, farms and a swap was promised as well and that is exactly what we will cover here.

We will be releasing pools for staking on July 2nd 2021. These pools will give hyper rewards to offset any of the burn that the transaction induces. This also allows us to partner with platforms on a much better basis where both our platform and our partners benefit.

Pools will allow for token to token rewards, LP to token rewards and token to NAUT rewards.

Looking forward, we will have the rest of our integrations built in within the month of July. The Astronaut team always strives to deliver and optimize a better experience when it comes to our platform utility and launchpad. We continue to thank our community for their feedback of every IDO.

Finally, our future plans for bettering the launchpad is bringing in a whitelisting system so projects can raise a small seed through whitelists which we will host. This will mitigate any risks of platforms holding their own private sales and having those tokens dump on our NAUT holders.

Stay tuned for some awesome updates coming to the platform.

Hybrid auto yield token and protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain