The game changer.

Hello Astronaut family, this article will give you more insight about some of our developments coming to v2.2:

With our first successful IDO behind us, we have delivered exactly what we have promised. Twin Finance is our next IDO in line scheduled for June 15th 2021. Furthermore, we are working on booking another IDO for the end of June. Staking / IDO pools for Twin Finance will open on June 15th, remember it is a limited pool so its a FCFS for the staking.

Many new updates have been implemented for the upcoming IDO, such as limited pools, timers for efficiency, bug fixes, and more.

Price action has been hit badly from the dip in the markets, we have also had many large holders exit their $NAUT positions. This is not exactly a bad thing as it positions the project and smaller holders much better than before. Nonetheless, we have gained a lot of new holders since the last roadmap update (2000+). Over 1.3M tokens were burned as well. We are confident that we are positioned much better for future growth as we stand.

Now for the exciting news! Astronaut will release 3 new developments, and two that will be revealed shortly.

  • Astrorocket (FCFS open-no staking IDO pools, which I will follow up on another post)
  • Astroswap (Full DEX and swap to be able to swap in and out of tokens on our UI)
  • Astromoon (Pools, farms and a yield optimizer for anybody who sits out of the IDO’s to benefit from APR and farm $NAUT or their favorite partnered token)

The swaps will first be used through a router as we build out an AMM! Pools will have partnered tokens available, and tokens which we have IDO’d. LP farming will be available as well for those interested in higher APR’s.

Astrorocket will allow Astronaut to launch projects without going through full KYC and due diligence. They will be marked as unverified by Astronaut. We will still discuss the maximum raise amounts and go through simple approvals to get projects into the Astrorocket program. These IDO pools require no staking, and are open to the public for projects that want to do their own marketing and raise funds.

All sections being built out are fully customized and not forked from other projects.

Delivery of pools, farms, swap, and Astrorocket IDO pools can be expected end of June or begining of July. There are two developments which are game changers which we have left out on providing any information about. We want to have a full working Defi ecosystem by Roadmap v3.0 and keep on track with what we have promised our community.

Nonetheless, our core focus will remain on IDO’s. We are aiming for 2–3 IDO’s per month which we believe is the sweet spot. Any more and it just becomes diluted, any less our holders don't have the opportunity.

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