Phase I out, Phase II in.

This article will cover some important information and updates about our roadmap. Astronaut keeps its community and investors informed along every step of the way:

To celebrate the start of our new phase the Astronaut team has burned over $750,000 in NAUT value. With large holders receiving a very big share of this, the team has decided that we will not be doing another burn anytime soon. (although if agreed upon we can do a large burn with the distribution feature being turned off, this will be discussed with the community)

Astronaut has scored an awesome strategic partner Cafeswap. We will continuously work together on various ideas and programs to better perfect each others platforms. We will release information on some very interesting campaigns that we will run together in the future.

Now for the good part you’ve all been waiting for patiently. Before I give a rundown of the next few weeks we want to thank all the Astronauts and our awesome community for supporting our vision, being part of this awesome journey and always giving us the best energy and vibes, so thank you!

Phase I of Astronaut has been shortened to 1 month as promised and Phase II has begun commencing. Some important milestones happen during this buildout. These include, a new evolved UI, full buildout of our dApp IDO launchpad, pools for staking NAUT-NAUT (this comes a bit later), our very first IDO hosted by Astronaut, CEX listings, and a very strong push in marketing.

On April 12th with a 3 day delay we have finally released our evolved core UI that will have the dApp built on. Currently the UI is still being updated daily with the back-front end pages still in development. We will be adding some awesome animations, more features and a better UX as we go. The date we are giving for the complete “core” will be April 18th 2021.

While all this is happening our devs are in top gear to get the back end completed and perfected. We will test the features, run a test IDO on the test net and are hoping to release the platform latest by April 30th (we are being somewhat conservative to give ourselves time)

While this is all happening this gives our marketing and business development team an opportunity to pump its efforts. So far to date we have received about 15 IDO applications 3–5 of them are very promising. We will and must have a strict standard for any new projects launching. This includes KYC, liquidity locks and due diligence. Astronaut will begin its KYC process of some of the interested projects while the back end is being completed.

We also have a very busy AMA schedule with some big names such as Satoshi Club and BSC News. Ad’s and banners will be added to the top BSC websites to further expand our reach. Furthermore, marketing efforts on the main social media platforms will continue as usual.

With that being said, we have some bad news but not the worst news. Our amazing community has raised over $45,000 for listings on CEX’s last week and we have already begun the KYC process with some of them. We sent a payment to Probit for $15,000 to get us listed. We received news that they do not list deflationary tokens on their CEX (this is after we already had signed agreements, contracts, and sent them their payment) Currently we are waiting for them to refund us.

This is not all that bad because now we can consider a Tier 1.5 such as Bitmart, or Bitthumb. Dr. NAUT has begun the full KYC process with 5 exchanges at once and will share news and information with the community regarding their feedback on the possible listings.

Price action has taken a small dip, this is not exactly a bad thing for NAUT. Many investors need to look at the utility and token use case before being worried. The price dip allows more wallets to come into our infrastructure which spreads the risk away from larger holders. Over time and right before our first IDO we see a price target of around $8 still.

We will keep you updated during every stage of the Phase II development and are always available on social media outlets to answer questions or concerns. Stay tuned and follow us on our journey to the moon!

Hybrid auto yield token and protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain

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