We are a single step away from Phase II! Get ready for action.

Hello Astronauts! This is it we are in the final step of Phase I and entering our awaited Phase II. Our team is winding down in rocket speed to deliver everything. We will break down timelines and events on this article to better keep you in the loop. Our rule is transparency and we love to keep our community in the know.

We have originally promised to deliver our launchpad and platform over 3 months. The team has assessed the speed that BSC is growing and has shortened that timeline to 3 weeks! So here are some actual dates you can be expecting new developments.

  • In under a week from now April 8th our new and evolved UI on react will have its cover page complete and functional
  • A couple days later around April 13th our UI will be totally complete with the dApp able to be accessed (without functionality yet)
  • April 25th fully functional dApp with ability to start hosting IDO’s, presales and pools!

This timeline is a give or take timeline and can be skewed by a couple of days but not more than that. We will also have another special and interesting change which will be announced on a different post (it doesn't affect the roadmap its something for the community)

With this amazing progress going we have decided to also do another thing for our pre platform holders. The long awaited BURN! Why did we decide this? The original plan for the platform was to build it out very slowly over a couple of months and allow the tokens burn utility to slowly bring down the number of tokens. Since we have sped up our development the tokens are still hovering at around 9M total currently. We will do something awesome for you;

During every step of the development event the Astronaut team has decided to burn 250,000 tokens. So the first UI release = 250,000 burn, complete UI = 250,000 burn, complete functional dApp = 250,000 burn. Why is this good for you? These get directly redistributed to your wallet at a 1% rate according to holdings, but the real good thing is it causes deflation!

For those who are in pools currently do not withdraw your pools to receive this burn as you will lose more from transacting with the contract than you would from the burn.

To continue on the good news we have decided to begin applications and listing our token on multiple CEX’s. These will include a handful from the list and will happen over the next 2 months (but not all under any circumstance, and with no given timeline): Probit, Gate.io, Whitebit, Coinsbit, p2pb2b, Bithumb, Upbit, LAToken. These are all Tier 2 CEX platforms which will give us easier entry into the Tier 1 platforms. This will further Astronauts exposure to the masses and give another entry of purchase for the $NAUT token. (Side Info: one of these CEX’s will list us later next week and it will get us immediate listing onto Coingecko, Blockfolio, and more infrastructure platforms)

and more good news!

We have some very lucrative AMA’s lined up in the next couple of weeks.

CryptoNation AMA Scheduled for April 11th 1PM UTC

CryptoTalkz AMA Scheduled for April 12th 1PM UTC

CryptoLand AMA Scheduled for April 18th 4PM UTC

Satoshi Club AMA Scheduled for April 20th 3PM UTC

BSCDaily AMA April 22nd 1PM UTC

BSCNews AMA April 23rd 2PM BST — Press Release April 19th Prior to AMA

The Astronaut team is still working on our first potential IDO launch. We want to deliver an awesome project to our community. We have received several inquires thus far.

Join our social media channels for regular updates. Astronaut to the moon!

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