Roadmap Update v1.2
2 min readMar 30, 2021


Bi-weekly Roadmap update! What have we done? What is in the works?

Astronaut team continues to work hard to deliver everything as promised. What was done in the past week and a half? What are the next steps to get to the moon? These are the most critical coming weeks and for several reasons. We will explain more in this article:

During the past week we have partnered with which is the top yield optimizer on the Binance Smart Chain. You can read more about where you can stake your LP tokens to optimize your returns on on our previous articles.

Apeswap has setup a BANANA-NAUT LP farm for our token holders.

APOyield has also partnered with us about two weeks ago to farm their DSL token through staking NAUT.

We continue to partner up with various DeFi platforms to better expand our footprint and ecosystem. We will have some exciting news regarding another partnership coming very shortly.

Astronaut smart contract has completed its audit through HashEx. This was the final checkmark to complete on our Phase I roadmap and I want to thank all of you Astronauts and the team for your support and hard work. We have begun rolling Phase II for release.

Good news is our price has stabilized around the $1 level as we had predicted. The Astronaut project is still waiting on CoinGecko and several other infrastructure platforms to list our token. We have also begun applications with two high profile CEX (centralized exchanges) one which is KuCoin!

So why are these coming weeks most critical? Originally our roadmap was going to consist of a much longer runway and timeline. We have shortened our deployment of Phase II and III from 3–5 months to 3–5 weeks! There will be some sneak peaks of our UI coming this week. Our team is working extremely hard to deliver the top product and we are still assessing feedback, data and information to better our product functionality on release.

The Astronaut business development team has begun reaching out to many advisors, strategic partnered platforms, and potential projects. This is key to our success as a whole. We will begin looking for our first potential IDO launch partner. Implementation of a KYC system and third party partnerships on liquidity locks will also be finalized.

The marketing team continues to expand our reach on social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium. We want to give a BIG shout out to our admins Alexandros, Austin and Adam also known as the triple AAA batteries of our project.

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