The meme DeFi ecosystem with a TV show! Bullish.

Hello Astronaut family, happy to announce our next IDO taking place on Thursday July 29th 2021 at 3PM UTC for The IDO will be a FCFS pool available to the public.

“RIYOKU is a meme token yield farming ecosystem. RIYOKU farms and pools will contain only stable coins for structure and your favorite meme tokens for yield farming.

‌RIYOKU’s goal is to launch a cartoon tv series on a very popular broadcasting channel. We have begun talks with one of the largest cartoon producers and a broadcasting channel everyone is familiar with. We are not allowed to disclose any information as of now as it is confidential.

‌The aim of the TV show is to explain to the mass how cryptocurrency works, different types of cryptocurrency’s, how to buy, and best practices. This will all be part of a TV show which will have utility for the RIYOKU token holders.

‌Each and every season of the 3 seasons which are being produced will have a main character, $MARU or Hamaru will be our first seasons character.”

The $MARU token is a token that has a 5% AMM and 5% redistribution built into its contract. Each week the slippage % goes down by 2% until it stabilizes at 2%. This will help build its ecosystem. $MARU’s use case will be to give 10x multiplier rewards when the dApp is released in a month and a half from now (it is ready to roll just giving it final touches) RIYOKU will use the time for community building and engagement, listings, and completing their show.

The next token to release will be its $RIYO token which is the governance token. This will allow for voting on how to use marketing funds, future utility, and much more. It will be a minting token with extremely low supply and deflationary attributes.

RIYOKU will have farms, pools, lottery, NFT’s and a low mcap meme IDO platform. RIYOKU will host partnership farms and pools for meme tokens which are not available anywhere else. has a contingent deal with a large broadcaster and are currently creating their first 2 seasons of the show. The show will teach the masses and inform them about cryptocurrency and DeFi. RIYOKU will also have a Youtube channel hosting the show.

$MARU Token Presale

Initial token supply of 1,000,000,000

  • Dev Team 3%
  • Marketing 2%
  • Ecosystem 8%
  • Presale 50%
  • Liquidity 35%
  • Airdrop 2%

‌Softcap: 50k BUSD

‌Hardcap: 250k BUSD

‌Max BUSD for single address = $650

‌Presale Duration = 8h

‌Presale Date = Thursday July 29th 2021 3PM UTC

ApeSwap Launch = Thursday July 29th 2021 23:00 UTC

Presale Style: FCFS (First come first serve, Public pool)

RIYOKU team is currently anonymous but went through third party KYC. Astronaut will lock the liquidity for RIYOKU once they launch on our platform and make them the beneficiary’s for the unlocked LP contract a year out. RIYOKU’s team will fully dox after the release of the show in its future roadmap.

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