Post IDO Recap and Updates

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Read this article to stay in the loop about some updates coming to the Astronaut launchpad.

Hello Astronaut’s we have finally finished our first IDO. This was a huge milestone we reached in the roadmap and are on track to deliver a better more efficient product. There will be a Roadmap v2.2 article to follow up on further new developments such as a DEX, Swap, and Pools.

First and foremost, we would like to apologize to our community and thank them at the same time. We had a small hiccup with high gas fee’s during the initial pool allocation. This caused extremely high gas fees which was fixed immediately. Furthermore, we ran into a Web3 injection decimal bug shortly after which was also fixed (the solution was just to remove the decimals during the BUSD staking. All issued were handled very swiftly with the devs and admins help.

The Astronaut team thanks you all for being so patient and understanding that this can happen during an event such as an IDO. We will be hosting a nice redistributed BURN as a thank you.

READ THESE UPDATES: On to the interesting stuff! We have seen, we have heard and we will answer. There are several additional developments that must be implemented in our IDO system to help make it a better user experience.

  1. Shorten the IDO time from 12 hours to a much shorter time frame of around 2 hour tier staking 1 hour pool staking, 30 mins FCFS round (this can change per IDO)
  2. A timer will be added into the “tier staking UI” so everyone knows how long they have to tier into the IDO’s
  3. We will add a participants tab so we can see how many participants are in the IDO for IDO’s which we will limit to make it more exclusive (from here on out)
  4. Time for the pool section needs to be activated with a countdown.
  5. We will add FAQ section to help new comers with questions which are answered many many times over
  6. We will disable the CLAIM token button so people know they can not claim until IDO has commenced.

Some changes to the IDO system will apply, we have received lots of data and feedback regarding how to perfect and better our outcome for participants.

  1. Tier changes will apply: The reason for this is our advanced algorithm which was created. (It is a bit different than the one we were going to use initially.) We will not release it to protect it from being forked, but we will give insight on how it works. The basic math is simple and always remains the same: Galaxy tier is always allocated 6.25x more than Moon tier and so on. If you want to get this number just divide the 125 Galaxy pool weight by 20 Moon pool weight. This makes it more valuable in every situation to have 1 Galaxy as opposed to stacking Moon wallets. The new tier levels are as follows: (this will not be changed for a while as it seems to be the perfect numbers according to the data)
  • Moon: 300 NAUT
  • Mars: 750 NAUT
  • Star: 1000 NAUT
  • Galaxy: 1500 NAUT
  1. We will continue having staking for each and every IDO separately, which will burn tokens. The reason for this: If we keep a one month staking like we have considered in the telegram chat, many participants will just stake and not even buy into their allocation — taking allocation from YOU who actually want to receive a nice allocation of the IDO token. (which makes it worth burning NAUT for) This also lets us control the number of participants per IDO. A one time staking is not and will not be considered at all.
  2. The biggest update: We will max out the amount of pool participants on a FCFS basis according to the amount of raise we have. This will give participants the allocations they deserve for burning the NAUT token.
  • 100k raise = 300 participants
  • 150k raise = 350 participants
  • 200k raise = 600 participants
  • 250k raise = 650 participants
  • 300k raise = 800 participants
  • 350k raise = 850 participants
  • 400k raise = 1000 participants

4. If you don’t want to burn NAUT tokens or you missed the chance to get into the tiers we will host a second FCFS round. This will be available to anyone who holds 10+ NAUT tokens. You will have a max purchase of 200 BUSD per user. It is strictly FCFS and is closed once sold out.

These changes will be applied to our future IDOs and are official starting June 3rd 2021.

We are happy to hear any feedback but these changes will remain firm.

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