The Astronauts have entered the supernova.

Announcing a partnership between Astronaut and Polaris. We will cover some information about who our new supernova Partners are: Polaris is a decentralized competitive yield farming platform and launchpad on Binance Smart Chain that incentivizes on-chain liquidity through Supernova Geysers.

So what are Supernova Geysers?

“With Supernova pools, the more liquidity you provide, and for longer, the greater share of the pool you receive. This mitigates the issue of participants staking assets and immediately dumping rewards.”

“Your POLAR tokens can be spent when unstaking to gain an immediate bonus multiplier on rewards received. This additional layer of gamification allows users with fewer staked assets to compete with those with greater.”

Polaris solves a very large issue with yield farming.

Although BSC is the ideal chain for yield farming because of cheap tx fees, current yield farming solutions (including Goose and its numerous forks) are not optimal.

For example, these platforms will invariably insist on users depositing liquidity tokens to their platform, when there is no need for it given they are simply routing via PancakeSwap.

The majority of these tokens also have zero utility, rendering the entire farming process valueless from the outset.

In other words (without using alien language): the longer you hold your LP tokens in these awesome supernovas you get multiplier rewards — so after a few days you would receive 2–3x the amount you would normally get in a typical pool.

You can learn more about the Polaris platform which can be accessed by going to Furthermore, their dApp URL can be accessed by visiting

Here you can find more information and the Polaris whitepaper:

Polaris will be setting up a supernova NAUT-BNB LP for Astronaut on April 21, 2021 for 14 days and a 3x multiplier attached to it.

To add liquidity Polaris is routed through Pancake Swap. Use only the Pancake Swap LP (CAKE LP tokens of NAUT-BNB)

This is just the beginning of our partnership. We will be introducing a strategic alliance shortly where Polaris will continuously be part of the Astronaut efforts.

Hybrid auto yield token and protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain

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