NAUT x BEEFY launchpool has blasted off! Enjoy compounding and extra rewards!

Boosting the APY of wBNB vault for 7 days! Go milk it while you can.

This article will explain exactly how to get into the high reward APY launch-pool on to earn NAUT rewards. Get in these vaults as soon as you can because it is only going to be around for 7 days. Here is how the Launchpool works. When an investor use one of Beefys vaults, they get a share of the vault called Mootoken. This token has no value on its own, but is regarded as a receipt for your deposit. What the Launchpool will do is to give those that hold those tokens an opportunity to stake them in a specific Astronaut vault on Beefys Launchpool app, which will be branded with Astronaut branding.

These are the steps:

Next, where can you find these mooTokens? This isnt Where’s Waldo. It’s simple.

What are these so called mooTokens? Why do you see them in your wallet?

What if you cant see these tokens in the boosted vault!? Don’t stress.

This is how the interface will look, ask one of our admins if you are having trouble or have any questions regarding the process. Happy Astrosteaking!

Hybrid auto yield token and protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain

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