Wen Tiers? Tiers now. The long awaited question has been answered.

Probably the most asked question on TG, Twitter and all over by $NAUT — Astronaut holders, and we do understand why. $NAUT’s utility is to be able to tier into a pooled IDO according to your pool weight so we will explain how it works on this article to clear up any questions. Please read this over carefully.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Moon — 500 NAUT

What does this mean? Holders of these amount’s of NAUT tokens get access into the pools when the IDO’s are live. They are automatically whitelisted through a snapshot system which gives them the access to get into the pool. How do the different tiers get a guranteed allocation? This is where it gets a bit more complicated.

The pool weights are as follows:

  • Moon — 20

(Let’s do some math to explain how these weights work, we will keep the numbers simple so you can better understand the process:)

140 Participants are included in this “demo” IDO with 1,000,000 tokens for sale:

100 Moon, 25 Mars, 10 Star, 5 Galaxy — Participants

(Pool equation = Pool weight x Participant)

20 x 100 = 2000

50 x 25 = 1250

75 x 10 =750

125 x 5 = 625

Total Weight: 4,625

(Weight equation = Tokens / Total weight or 1000000 / 4625 = 216.21)

(Pool equation x Weight equation)

20 x 100 x 216.21 = 432,420

50 x 25 x 216.21 = 270,262

75 x 10 x 216.21 = 162,157

125 x 5 x 216.21 = 135,131

Then just divide the pool weight by the amount of participants in each pool tier so it looks as follows:

432,420 / 100 = 4,324 Tokens participant

270,262 / 25 = 10,810 Tokens per participant

162,157 / 10 = 16,215 Tokens per participant

135,131 / 5 = 27,026 Tokens per participant

This is how it works! Review this so you can better understand the process of the tier schedule. We will extract feedback and data regarding the pool weights and tier levels after every IDO launch. If all the tokens in the pool have not been bought we would do one of two things (which we are still deciding on)

  1. Make a second round as a FCFS system for tier holders in place

The second choice benefits NAUT holders by allowing more people to get a feel of the platform and possibly want to get into the next IDO launch and actually have a spot in the tier. It also will create a better chance to fulfill the full hard cap raise (note we will never subscribe over 100% of the hard cap as we guarantee allocations to every participant in the tier)

We will have a follow up post explaining the full process from A-Z of how to enter how to stake and how to claim tokens from an IDO.

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