$NAUT Launchpad Analysis

Let’s show the rest how its done the right way.

With the release of staking we have gotten a couple of people whining about the burn “fee”. Let us put you at ease.

First off, if you don't like the burn fee, don't enter the IDO. It’s very simple no one will force you to join. Second, if you are a higher tier and don't want to get into that tier the choice is yours to enter a tier that is lower. Nonetheless, if the high tiers have less people in them their allocations will be huge according to the pool weights. This should cause a type of competition between the larger holders, if one of those large holders get a huge share into a project that does well they will be very happy with the results.

More so, let us remind you again not every single $NAUT holder will be entering every single IDO that releases some will choose to enter only the ones very attractive to them this leaves others with larger potential allocations.

No, there is no IDO happening tomorrow or in two days. We are flushing out all the projects that do not fit our due diligence. Nonetheless, we have 2 projects in line for May that are very promising. We want to deliver only the top projects and not just launch any project that needs to raise capital.

With this post I will show you an analysis of why we have decided to use the staking style over the whitelist — snapshot style of IDO’s.

Most launchpads fail miserably, not at the part of delivering IDO’s or their process, but to keep the price of their own token strong.

During IDO’s many of the projects already have a community that is somewhat built up. They naturally merge with the Astronaut — $NAUT community to get into the pre sale. What usually happens at this time is those community members buy up the launchpad tokens to get into the IDO’s and then immediately after the IDO is closed they dump their tokens. The effect is a crash in the launchpad token price.This will be shown below with results as to why this is dangerous for launchpads.

We have a secure system which gives the IDO stakers a burn “fee” of 8% total. The system we put in place will reward HODLing because of the redistribution when an IDO is commencing and also have a bit of a larger barrier to entry monetary wise. We want to protect our community just as much as we want to provide stellar launches.

Getting a fee of 8% will feel minuscule compared to a drop of 20% , 30% or 50% of your full token holdings.

Let’s take KPad as an example, notice their chart below. They are at a 30d -77% drop. If you were a holder in their token you would be pretty miserable at this time. This is because of their system, anyone could flood into their IDO’s and dump easily right after the IDO commences. They have no system in place to either punish participants coming in and out of IDO’s or reward their holders.

Moving to BSCStarter they have the same style system in place, with a bit of a twist. A very nice platform and with some nicely excuted IDO’s in the past, but what about them? Look at their token, did they forget about their holders and own token while thinking of the process? You can see a nice decrease in price over the past 30 days but were somewhat saved during the SB launch which had huge hype to it, their dump process will continue over the next couple of days.

Now Oxbull, they must of not learned from the IFO system that when you use LP’s you are just asking for mega dumps, at this point nothing can really save their system of IDOs, its a consistent stream of pumps right before IDO’s to larger dumps after an IDO is complete. ( why is this? because eventually the community and investors in it don't have unlimited funds and their money to invest in IDOs runs out…) Eventually their price will die out completely if they continue this system. You can even tell on their chart exactly when an IDO is about to start which is very predictible. This should be a token that is day traded, just buy before an IDO, and sell on the day of the IDO. Easy win?

Even BSCPad who is one of the higher Mcap launchpads isn't performing so hot. They have a 30 day -36% drop in price. They deliver new IDO’s very often which is not an easy task (props to them) although many are not considered very “top tier”. They have no system in place to easily buy a position into their top tier and dump price after an IDO is complete. BSCPad is infamous for many complaints regarding even their top tier getting very tiny IDO allocations.

Astronaut wants to avoid exactly what these other platforms are doing wrong; Which is allowing for an easy in and out during IDO’s without punishing those exact people who are reaping the benefits of a launchpads native token, and taking those benefits away from their real community holders.

We also want a system where people tiering into IDO’s get the allocation they deserve, this also has to be competitive in some way.

We are not in any way saying we are better then these platforms but we will try to do it in a way that is different and will protect holders of the token as well as those entering the IDO’s. We want our chart to remain like it has been flowing, and go much higher after every IDO. By implementing a way to punish sellers coming in and out, and also rewarding holders we can mitigate a large dump of the token after every IDO. If for some reason there is a dump, our holders enjoy a large redistribution.

We could be amazingly right about this or it could be a total fluke. This is up to our IDO feedback. The Astronaut team is very confident that the system put in place will allow for growth just as we have seen even without a single IDO released yet.

We have shown a double chart (one from CMC and one from CG, showing a price close to our pre sale which was .20, as we had a long delay on our CG listing compared to the other launchpads)

All in all to summarize, as a community you will be much happier paying a 8% fee to get into an IDO, than to repetitively lose 25%-40% value of all your NAUT tokens (including the ones not staked for the tier) after the commencing of every IDO because of a price dump.

Astronaut will soon be changing the tier values for the last time before our IDO coming up mid-May to let new comers have a last chance and also minimize the value amount of burn fees for staking into the IDO’s. Stay tuned for news and follow us on our social media platform for updates.

P.S: $NAUT is 1000 holders away from achieving the top number of holders amongst the popular BSC launchpads. Thank you all for your support and we are happy to hear feedback regularly. We currently are standing at around 7400 holders.

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