Rocket fuel ready. Ignite. Feel the heat!

Astronaut always tries to deliver exactly what we have promised our community with full transparency. We will be activating a nice burn today! We will explain how it is going to transpire on this article.

As promised, before our UI roll out we will be burning 250,000 NAUT tokens from our “liquidity wallet”. Many have asked what is that wallet that holds a lot of tokens? Well that is the liquidity wallet we use for partnerships, CEX listings, liquidity adds ect. But why the hell do we need so much? We dont.

We have decided to burn 750,000 NAUT tokens over the next month. The first burn will be activated today! It will happen at a random time. Our current circulating supply is around 9.1M from a total of 10M tokens.

The way that this burn will happen is simple, we just want to notify all members before hand so they don't question the process. We will be transferring a chunk of tokens back and forth between the same 2 wallets. The ecosystem wallet and the liquidity wallet. This will cause it to burn and redistribute to our holders.

Note that this burn is burning from tokens that are not yet circulating but is still going to redistribute to holders.

The 250,000 tokens burned will amass to around $700,000 in current value. This is one of three burns which we will initiate if the feedback received is positive.

Lets get that rocket fuel ready! Time to get toasty.

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