Houston, save the date: June 8th @ 6 PM UTC.

Hello Astronaut’s

2 weeks ago we booked our first IDO and guess WHAT!? We have Booked our second IDO launch. We will be launching Meduse coin which will function as a utility token on the Meduse exchange. (Meduse Website)

Astronaut is hyped for the Meduse coin launch which will take place on the June 8th @ 6 PM UTC.

Staking into tiers will open up 3 days prior to the launch.

What is Meduse and what will be the platform usecase?

Meduse is an over the counter crypto exchange. Their goal is to improve liquidity for blockchain assets and provide a service for otc broker.

One use case that stands out is their Coin Index Fund, a decentralized method to build coin portfolios and invest securely in funds.

What is Meduse coin?

Meduse Coin is a utility token that will be used on the Meduse exchange. There are going to be three phases in which Meduse Coin will be deployed. In the first phase, features are unlocked on the exchange, such as fee reduction. In the second phase, our Meduse Coin will be used in the Coin Index Fund. In the last phase, the Meduse Coin will be the native currency for their decentralized cross chain ledger nautilus.

What is upcoming for Meduse?

The Meduse Nautilus Ledger, which will be first tested from 2022, will be a total game changer, because they will be able to have a chain which is compatible to ETH Smart Contracts and it will also be able to work cross chain. They want to bring the main features of the exchange online by July. Their Decentralized Coin Fund should be ready as early as October.


MDM Allocation:

Fund Usage:

• 40 % of the funds will be used to build the Meduse platform and perform upgrades to the system, which includes team recruiting, training and the development budget.

• 40 % will be used for Meduse branding and marketing, including continuous promotion and education of Meduse and blockchain innovations in industry mediums. A sufficient budget for various advertisement activities is needed to help Meduse become popular among investors and to attract active users to the platform.

• 15 % will be used for business development and research.

• 5 % will be kept in reserve to cope with any emergency or unexpected situation that might come up.

MDM company freeze:

They will initially freeze 42%, or 67.2MM MDM, of all available Meduse Coins. This frozen company reserve will remain unusable for all parties for five years, except 5% of the total MDM supply. Three years upon completing the Token sale, They will be able to sell this 5% of their MDM reserve to generate liquidity. The remaining MDM will stay inside the company.

Astronaut is excited for the Meduse coin launch and we will be there to help them however we can, through our partnerships, advisory and marketing services. Stay up to date on news and updates by joining our social media networks.

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