The job hunters paradise on the Binance Smart Chain.

Astronaut is happy to announce our IDO for Lemonn taking place on November 1st 2021 @ 5PM UTC.

“Lemonn, the most comprehensive job searching platform on BSC. Lemonn Token offers premium advantages for job seekers and recruiters.

By introducing a simple and standardized way of posting and finding jobs on BSC, Lemonn is aiming to help out users and facilitate the growth of Binance Smart Chain. Lemonn will operate on its own native token, Lemonn token. This token offers premium advantages for job seekers and recruiters.

Finding a job on BSC has never been easier. Lemonn’s job section offers a comprehensive and constantly updated catalogue of job opening’s across the industry. Job opportunities include, but are not limited to: marketing, community engagement, design, business development, engineering, and security. Lemonn job section aims to cover the BSC ecosystem as a whole: from newer tokens to major players, online communities, YouTube channels, and much more!

Traditional ways of hiring on BSC have been proved to be inefficient and limited. If you are a BSC project looking to expand, look no further. Posting a job on Lemonn will grant you access to the most robust database of skilled BSC applicants.”

Lemonn Website

Lemonn Twitter

Lemonn Telegram

Lemonn Tokenomics:

  • 4% Auto-Generated LP
  • 2% Buy-Back
  • 2% Ecosystem wallet

10,000,000 Total Supply

  • 40% Presale
  • 30% Liquidity
  • 7% Dev Wallet (12 month vested)
  • 5% Marketing Wallet (6 month vesting)
  • 15% Ecosystem Wallet (12 month vested)
  • 3% Advisor / KOL (12 month vested — 1 month cliff)

Astronaut IDO Information

Time: November 1st 2021–5PM UTC

Presale Total: 4,000,000 Tokens

Total Raise: $200k (40% TGE / 60% Released after 1 month)

Price Per Token: $0.05

Market Cap at Launch: $243,000

ALL TOKENS LOCKED Pre launch with their recommended unlock time periods: Ambassador / KOLs Locked for 1 month cliff.

IDO Style: Whitelist / Astroshot

  • Max Contribution: $300 BUSD
  • Price per token: $0.05
  • Astroshot Requirements: 1000 NAUT tokens.

We will follow up with an article regarding the new IDO flow which will remain in tact for a long time. Follow our social media outlets to get updated information.

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