Important: Astronaut Announcement
6 min readMay 26, 2022

A new era: Read the whole article for information on the next move.

Official Astronaut Announcement:

Hello Astronaut family. This announcement is out of the ordinary but we believe it is the best timing. We want to discuss a couple points such as our roadmap, successes and failures. The summary will give insight on our next moves.

We want to thank every one of you community members who have been with us throughout the journey up until now. Each and every one of you is important to us both opinion and presence.

Lets start off with our roadmap and process: as promised throughout the year and a half that we have been around we have completed every stage of our roadmap minus staking which didn’t make sense with our current token.

We have released multiple different style of IDO’s and have tested around three of them, pools, FCFS IDO’s, Tiered IDO’s and a large handful of projects that hosted their presale on our platform.

We have built out multiple communities from around the world including Chinese, Vietnamese and Turkish communities.

We have reached our milestone of 5M tokens left in circulation and have been through two bear markets and one amazing bull market run.

Astronaut has teamed up with multiple different IDO platforms.

We have listed on almost every tracking website and token listing including Trust wallet.

Over time we have accumulated around 11,000 holders but many have already left the community, most of BSC knows who we are.

We listed on 4 CEX: Bitmart, Hotbit, p2pb2b, and Coinsbit

Astronaut has launched over 40 projects.

Some of our most successful launches were:

Guardian: 3020x
Portify: 55x
Lemonn: 23x
Darkshield: 22x
Birb: 14x

As we have always mentioned if you got into every single one of Astronaut’s IDO’s and just held your position until ATH you’d have well over $2M+ in value and it would of cost you a total of holding the top tier ($6k give or take) and buying into top tier in all IDO’s (about 25k). Meaning for 31k all in give or take you’d have $2M+ in value.

Thats a huge ROI and that is the reason for the platform.

We have always succeeded in bringing in new renewed community through the rough times and good times keeping our price on the stable end of 0.3-$1.5 range. Astronaut has spent thousands in marketing, PR, design, research and development changes over a year and a half time.

This was all done with multiple failures that came along but the team has pushed through everything with an optimistic mind. We will list some reasons the current NAUT token was so hard to sustain.

1: Not listening enough to the voices of the community and really taking the feedback and putting it to use.

2: A very big issue was working with multiple Defi systems early on into the token. We have partnered with about 7 different projects that offered NAUT pools which really really hurt us. A year and a half ago we saw it as bullish but realized too late it was a big mistake. We have given millions in our token to pools and farms on platforms such as Apeswap, Beefy, Cafeswap, Polaris, Babyswap, Hyperjump, and Jetswap.

This really depleted token value over time as people would farm our tokens and then sell into liquidity. This was 100% the wrong move which we would never repeat unless its part of our own ecosystem (farm NAUT for ALIEN for example)

The token value dropping made many of our community lose interest even though the value was kept very sustained we lost a large amount of core support.

3: We have had three sets of admin teams come in get educated on how things are done and build their own projects / take some other admins along with them. This always caused tension within the community why such close people left the “team”.

4: Our token has no function to remove the burn hence the reason we created a unique system of hold in wallet and not a staking process to be able to enter IDO’s. There is also some audit critical issues such as high gas loop when there are too many transactions. Of all our failures this was the most annoying to deal with but the smallest issue when it came to sustaining.

5: Launching some tokens who weren’t vetted enough before launch we started off without any VC support or any support from anyone and built our way organically. The first 3–4 launches were horrible as we launched teams who did not deserve to be part of our platform. We then picked it up big time to bring in a set of amazing launches each giving huge ROI. Over time we got too loose with our procedures and allowed tokens that should never have gotten launched be launched by us.

So whats next?

We have decided to relaunch Astronaut to bring in a renewed-sustained community with a very stable token and tokenomics.

Dr. NAUT will be making his return.

We will also be setting up a full ecosystem after this launch which will include a Defi system to be able to put your tokens to use.

Finally, the new token will have tokenomics which will allow for buy backs as it most probably (its not confirmed yet) a 0% buy and a tax on sale token for buybacks and marketing as well as to control people pumping and dumping just for IDO entry.

We will also be using funds that are taken as fee’s from project launches as buybacks.

Some changes to the quality of IDO’s we bring in — we will require them to really be of top quality to get launched. We will evaluate their communities much more and the project teams.

Some small changes to our UI will be implemented to make the IDO process smoother and more efficient.

The ecosystem will be worked on right after the relaunch of NAUT

Astronaut tokens will never be given to any farms or pools and will only be given to benefit the ecosystem and as part of the ecosystem.

What to do with your current NAUT tokens?

There are two options:

Option #1. Sell in your tokens — we will not be airdropping tokens 1/1. The value of NAUT has fallen over time and its the main reason we want to relaunch as to create a sustainable new tokenomics / token that has multiple advantages and bringing in a full new ecosystem / community.

Option #2. Holders of 1000 plus tokens who DO NOT sell into NAUT liquidity until the day of the relaunch will receive an airdrop of the new token worth 1/2 the current $ value on that day (after the final dump) that they currently hold in NAUT.

(Eg: you hold $400 worth of NAUT you will receive $200 worth of the new token at IDO price)

A snapshot will be taken a day before the new relaunch of NAUT which does not have an announced date.

This option is the riskier option.

We are sorry if these options are not what you have expected but this is the situation we are in and the offer we are giving our loyal community members.

NAUT’s future will be in a two new systems

The first is liquidity lending. The unique system of lending money to a project doing an IDO and receiving a set multiplier on your money without ever holding any of their tokens. (this will be offered to the top 10% of NAUT holders)

The second system is called ILO’s (Initial Locked Offerings) we will explain further about this on a future article. The ICO is dead, the IEO is dead, the IDO is hurting, the future is in ILO’s.

The AO eliminates the common early pump & dump price action, using retail and the project community as exit liquidity for VCs and the team.

ILO’s use a fully locked system that is With locked token positions that unlock without favoritism to VCs or team members, this can no longer be the case.

Of course, we are always looking to offer the fully unlocked NAUT exclusive launches as per usual….

We are excited that all of this will happen during the bear market to give us the upper hand during the bull run.

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