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IBO on Helmet for pNAUT….Guard debut!

Helmet will have its debut IBO on Guard for the Polygon launch of Astronaut (pNAUT).

The IBO will take place on October 6th at 17:00 UTC- October 7th 5:00 UTC

“HELMET, a customizable insurance protocol based on options logic, unprecedented blended 2 angles of defi world.

From users’ perspective, they could buy/supply insurance policy in American options logic; In terms of start-up projects, initial token offering could be achieved through European options;

Besides, Helmet contains Mining parts, including LP mining, single token staking and policy mining. DeFi users could enjoy yield farming while hedging the trading risk.

Currently, Helmet is operating on BSC and Polygon(guard.insure), multiple chain dev ongoing that leverages options trading logic for its decentralized insurance offering.”

Since we are launching pNAUT on Polygon you will be using the Guard platform for the IBO.

pNAUT IBO Information:

Total IBO supply: 800,000 for Helmet IBO

Total Raise: $100,000

Allocation %:

  • 80% USDC
  • 20% GUARD

Time: October 6th at 17:00 UTC- October 7th 5:00 UTC

Token Claim (Expected Trading Time: October 7th 5:25 UTC

1 USDC = 8 pNAUT

1pNAUT= 0.125 USDC

Trading Platform: https://jetswap.finance/

Astronaut has a Polygon launch booked for October 14th! Make sure to HODL those pNAUT tokens and stake into the next generation gaming platform we will launch shortly.

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