• The most precise ROI predictions that NO OTHER aggregator offers
  • Educational Knowledge Base for investors attracts new users to DeFi
  • Diversified Rating of DeFi / ICO/ IDO / NFT projects
  • Advanced Rating Methodology
  • Cross-chain Integration
  • Personal Investment Analytics”
  • Ratings and Market Exploration tools — an exceptional set of instruments to navigate you through the DeFi market. A strong assessment methodology, round-the-clock data updates from several blockchains, complex AI algorithms and different strategies for market analysis.
  • Portfolio Management — a one-stop-shop for effective control and adjustment of your investment strategies. We’ve collected many unique features in one interface, allowing users to track their ROIs, liquidity pool investments, see their profits and compare the effectiveness of different strategies.
  • QPolka — a sub-project of DeFi Rating dedicated to projects built on Polkadot. As a cross-chain solution, Polka attracts more and more attention from DeFi market participants. We see the great potential and offer a separate website to track new projects.
  • DRATE token — the utility token of DeFi Rating which uses complex deflationary mechanics to retain its original value. DRATE is widely used across all the features of the aggregator.
  • Rating Methodology — the complex methodology is based on three pillars: an AI algorithm, DeFi expert evaluations and regular customer assessments.
  • Learning — a model-free reinforcement learning algorithm aimed at finding the best actions in the current circumstances.
  • DeFi Rating Exploration Tools — a handy combination of various tools that provide the necessary services and project analyses for effective portfolio management.
  • Explore — the all-in-one navigation page developed for user’s convenience.
  • ALL POOLs — a list of all liquidity pools across every project represented on DeFi Rating.
  • Coin Market Cap — the section displaying basic information about all cryptocurrencies present in the market.
  • DeFi Pulse — a tool that allows you to track the Total Value Locked in DeFi across 6 popular blockchains.
  • Yield Farming POOLs — an actively developing section with popular farming pools on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Farming Projects — this section contains almost all of the available farming projects.
  • Token Sales — allows users to check out hundreds of new projects preparing for release.”

Cheesus Tokenomics:

Astronaut x Cheesus IDO Information:




Protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain —

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Protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain —

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