Astronauts, we have a date at the mooncafe.

Astronaut and Cafeswap will be forming a strategic partnership to better expand our community reach, access new products (in the future) and create pools / farms for $NAUT and $BREW holders.

We will cover some information about Cafeswap and their platform so our Astronaut community can be better educated.

“CafeSwap Token(BREW) is the main token that will be powering the whole CafeSwap.Finance Ecosystem including yield farming, staking, and upcoming features of CafeSwap Finance.

There Will be two tokens

  1. CafeSwap Token (BREW)

The BREW token will be awarded to all farming and staking activities on the platform and the CAFE token will be given as a proof of stake token to all the users staking BREW in the staking pools.”

Cafeswap functions as a standalone AMM/DEX for yield farming, yield optimization and a staking ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. You can learn more by entering their community TG at

Cafeswap smart contracts have been audited by Hashex which can be seen here:

There will be a pool open for BNB-NAUT and also we will present our long awaited NAUT-NAUT staking pool!

Cafeswap also has an awesome analytics section to track the amount of liquidity that is currently on their platform. This should be useful for our community and resolve any questions directly.

We will release an informational on how to stake and add liquidity to our new partner platform Cafeswap! You can access their platform on.

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