3 min readMay 6, 2021


Houston, we have booked our first IDO launch, the amazing Bitcrush!

Astronaut is proud to host their first IDO for Bitcrush Arcade taking place on May 25th @ 3 PM UTC.

We will have tiering into the IDO pools open 3 days prior to the IDO to lock in the spot for you. There is a maximum of 3000 $NAUT holders who can partake in this IDO.

“Bitcrush Arcade is a gaming platform aimed to further integrate the world of Defi and iGaming. It is our belief as technologies progress, the line between iGaming and decentralized finance will continue to blur.

However as today’s blockchains are inherently slow and expensive, we believe a hybrid solution is the answer, with a move toward full decentralization, as well as democratization, in the years to come.

With a retro-gaming vibe, and a product beta tested over the past 3 months, Bitcrush Arcade is moving forward with a new concept in Defi Gaming.

Be the House: House Profit sharing controlled by smart contracts. 60% of house revenue goes to staking pools. How does Auto- compounding Casino Profits sound?

Defi Protocols: Familiar Defi staking pools with double the rewards (Apy + House Profits). Just as with all Defi, it’s anonymous meaning so signups, or logins required.

Wager Mining: Mine Crush Coins by playing games, then stake, compound, swap, or play more! Additional token mining pools coming soon!

Hybrid System :Live wallet allows for players to choose between provably fair and decentralized gameplay options for complete control of their gaming expereince.

With decentralized gaming, you control your funds. Your funds are kept in your wallet and only accessed for each roll. When you roll, your bet is taken from your wallet. If you win, your funds are returned to your wallet along with the winnings. If you lose the funds go to the house wallet. The house only takes possession of funds after a loss. Every roll is also handled by a smart contract and therefore can be audited. Additionally decentralized platforms don’t require emails to sign up so your privacy remains intact. “

Their tokenomics are as follows we will release an updated post regarding the exact price per token and the amounts as well. These will be accessible through the “” tiering to holders of $NAUT token. The raise for the Bitcrush IDO will be 450k BUSD hardcap.

Astronaut is very excited and will work to help Bitcrush succeed as a top tier Defi gaming platform, through our partnership, advisory and marketing services. Stay up to date on news and updates by joining our social media networks.



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