The new IDO system on!

This article is written to inform you more about the new IDO system “Astroshot” and how it works.

The public Astrorocket FCFS season is officially over for now. For the past month $NAUT holders had no benefit by holding the Astronaut native token. The Astronaut team has promised to integrate a new IDO system to benefit it’s holders and not require burned staking…enter Astroshot!

Astroshot is a very simple and easy to use system, the UI part is yet to be uploaded to the website.

The way Astroshot works is as follows- you must hold the required amount of $NAUT tokens in your wallet which makes the wallet eligible to stake into the IDO. This style IDO is still a FCFS but not a public one. Everyone who stakes into the IDO must hold the required amount of $NAUT tokens in their wallet. There is no guaranteed allocation as the allocation can still be filled by other holders.

The Astroshot IDO’s will usually have two rounds first through the Astroshot (which benefits the $NAUT holders) and second there will be a FCFS public Astrorocket IDO.

We will require a small amount of 50 $NAUT tokens for the first IDO we run with the Astroshot system but are sure to raise the requirements over time and to match the $NAUT price action

Astronaut’s last IDO sold out in a record 35 seconds and was a great success. With some great projects in the pipeline be sure to stay in the loop. Don’t forget to join our social media platforms for fast news and updates.

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