Proud to welcome our partners APOYield to the moon!

Astronaut (NAUT) has partnered with APOYield! We have setup a farm on apoyield.com which consists of staking NAUT x SOUL to receive DSL.

Who are these APOYield (SOUL) horsemen? What is DSL? Where can I buy SOUL? Soul is a deflationary frictionless yield token and will be used to buy the upcoming NFT’s on the BSC. DeadSoul or $DSL is a reward token for staking APOyield SOULS it is an inflationary token that mints 28,800 DSL daily. DSL will also be the governance token of APOYield.

APOYield Function: When a user buy or sell a 1,000,000 SOUL, they will be charged with a 10% fee which is equal to 100,000. These 100,000 Soul will be split in to two. 2% of it which is equal to 20,000 SOUL will be burn and 8% of it which is equal to 80,000 soul will be shared by holders depending on how much soul you have. Thus, the buyer will only receive 900,000 SOUL.

The NAUT x SOUL farm gives you sought out DSL token. Stake both NAUT and SOUL to take part in this farm.

SOUL is available to purchase on PancakeSwap. For more information visit https://apoyield.com.

This partnership continues to strengthen Astronauts mission to the moon by expanding our community reach and bringing along our friends and partners. Introducing NAUT to new communities continues to better the BSC ecosystem which is part of our mission. Stay tuned for more partnerships to come!

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