This is one crazy Astronaut love story.

The story begins on Telegram. On the morning of April 8th 2021 around 9:30 AM EST with the usual hype and good energy our community has. One strong Astronaut named @babachoo came up with an idea to push NAUT to the crowds and shared it.

He received extremely good feedback and support from our awesome community!

Our epic community has come up with the idea of coming together and making a small donation-crowdfund to be able to list on CEX’s. Listing prices / fees on CEX’s are in the 10k-75k range (we wont even mention the top tier 1 fee amounts). With those amounts the Astronaut team would have a hard time to pay the listing fee and it would take a much longer time to get into CEX’s. The community decided to move forward and create a fund wallet to give Astronaut $NAUT the ability to raise enough money to list on exchanges.

The wallet will be held by our admins and it can be seen at this address:


The goal is to raise around 15k-20k to be able to list on 1–2 Tier 2 exchanges and get their full package with AMA’s, Marketing, Multiple Pairs and such. We are currently considering Hotbit, Probit, Whitebit, and Bitthumb, HOO, CoinTiger and more.

Update: It is now April 8th 2021 9:45 AM EST — 15 mins after the community released the statement and wallet information for the fund. We already have $10,000 in the wallet that was donated by the community. With a staggering 5 BNB coming from @babachoo and a wild 20 BNB coming from @skk121 or (*star 0x3343)

Update: It is now April 8th 2021 5:00 PM EST we received another beautiful donation of 13 BNB coming from our legendary man @chance0413 or (Chance)

Update: It is now April 9th 2021 around 12:30AM EST. We possibly and I myself believe we have the best community in all of cryptocurrency. I get a phone call from one of our admins that someone just donated an INSANE 67.265 BNB! This time the person is anonymous (I know who it is but he wants to remain anonymous)

We have also received multiple smaller transactions of BNB from many in our community, anything that was given is very highly appreciated and we want to thank you and give back to you.

The Astronaut team and whole community is at a loss of words, in under 24 hours we raised over $43,000 as a community fund to get into listings.

This is a huge push for our success and it is unexplainable with words the support that our community gives our team. We will continue to push to deliver anything and everything we can to best perfect our ecosystem. The Astronaut team sends big love to all of you supporters. We will go to the moon. — Dr. NAUT

P.S We have already moved forward on this and have a listing in the works for Probit. You guys are seriously amazing!

Come be part of this great community, trust me it’s a pleasure being part of.

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