Astronaut token ICO coming March 2021! Auto yield token built on the Binance Smart Chain

New auto yield farm token coming to BSC. Astronaut token is an auto yield platform which means tokens held in wallets multiply the longer they are held. How does this happen?

To purchase the coin you have to set you slippage to 3% this is a type of market “fee” to be able to enter the yield. 2% of the fee gets redistributed to every token holder in the network according to their holdings. 1% of the fee gets burned forever! Why? This causes big buy pressure and less sell pressure this also causes the value of the coin to move up as more transactions take place and coin supply minimizes (anti-inflation).

What are the tokenomics? will release 10M coins as max supply during ICO. This amount will slowly minimize as more transactions occur on the platform. Once it reaches the milestone of 8M tokens left we slow down the burn and set the slippage to 2% yielding 1.5% to the token holders and 0.5% into burn. Once that level gets passed and 6M coins are left we set the slippage even lower for long term holders with a great opportunity to sell or hold. This will be set at 1.5% slippage with 1% redistribution and 0.5% going to burn. The minimum supply will stop at 5M.

When the milestone of 5M tokens are reached will have yield farming available and LP staking. By this point many initial investors would have seen 100x returns, and can then stake their high value tokens for other tokens we will partner with along the way. Astronaut will then hybrid into a BNB ICO platform to offer new projects and investors opportunities.

Astronaut is a self made market with buy and sell pressures instilled in the code.

Project is ran by an AAVE developer who wants to remain anonymous until some time after ICO.

Follow us on twitter @astronauttoken and telegram for updates regarding the ICO, new developments and deployment. the moon!