Astronaut Rebranding
2 min readSep 11, 2022


Astronaut will host a full rebrand kit to better fit the next phase of developments.

The team has decided to delay the relaunch for a short period of time until the market stabilizes further, but we believe the timing is getting much closer (aiming for the end of September / October time).

We have worked on a full front end UI rebranding, logo rebrand, character rebrand, and token kit to better fit the utilities we will be offering during our next stage.

A new token logo will give us a more futuristic and complex look. Steering a bit futher away from the simple corporate style we had before. The Astronaut team found it fit to recreate a brand kit for a relaunch to jumpstart the token.

The new logo will host different colors and styling which will be integrated according to the announcements.

New 3D characters will become our mascots, including our astronaut, monsters, and droids. Later ecosystem integrations will include the latter characters.

Astronaut will be a native ILO platform, Fair launch platform, Guild and Metaverse (at a later stage).

Our first goal is to host the NAUT native token presale then build out the ILO platform with some of the funding. Meanwhile, we will be ramping up marketing and PR leading to the ILO platform release.

This should all happen within 2 months maximum after the presale date. If we can catch good timing on the bull run we will be positioned to become leaders in the market.

Astronaut has also onboarded two new developers to help in the process, they will be contracted and sitting in our office starting November time. These developers who wish to remain anonymous worked as part of Polygon Studios team.

We will release another Medium article laying out how ILO’s will be conducted and the pros / cons.

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