This is truly epic. #NAUT

The top news of the week! We are in middle of our platform IDO launchpad deployment and have decided to give you some truly epic news to look forward to!

Astronaut will be releasing limited edition NFT’s as a series of 4 (maybe a 5th in the future). Why only 4 NFT’s? Because these are going to be NFT’s with utility and use cases connected to them. They align with our IDO launchpad tiers of

Moon, Mars, Star, Galaxy which goes from lowest tier to highest tier.

So how will it work? What are the benefits? If you own one of these awesome NFT’s (which are extremely high end to make) you get automatic access to our IDO whitelist.

This is valuable both as an IDO access asset on the Astronaut platform and as a NFT that can gain value over time by being able to resell it to someone in the community who is interested in being whitelisted into IDO’s.

The NFT’s released will have the name of the tier directly on the package and will show the limited edition number on the NFT.

(note that the images and video are in low resolution as the NFT’s are still being developed and are not complete this is just a prototype)

They will also have a special theme and character under the mask! Each Astronaut will write a message on the box. The NFT’s will rotate.

The price of these NFT’s have not been released as of yet! They will be available within the next two weeks.

We will be minting:

  • 20 Moon Tier NFT’s
  • 15 Mars Tier NFT’s
  • 10 Star Tier NFT’s
  • 7 Galaxy Tier NFT’s

30% of the sales of the NFT’s will go towards our community fund to help push marketing efforts, new listings and development!

Note: The NFT’s will not whitelist you during our first two IDO’s so any holders will have to wait for the third IDO to be whitelisted in their respective tiers.

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