ASTRONAUT ($NAUT) auto yield!

How does it work? Welcome aboard the ship Astronauts! With a huge success on our IFO initial token offering. We are proud to lead our epic community and project to the next step of going to the moon!

Before we begin our ascent to the moon we have to finish our Phase I roadmap plan. This consists of getting our token levels to a more stable 5M token count. How is this done? We are able to variate the amount of burn and redistribution from every transaction that occurs with NAUT.

Buyers and sellers must set their slippage between 4% and 5% to interact with the contract. 3% of this gets burned forever! the other 1% gets redistributed to our holders. The token has already burned close to 700k out of the 10M max token count.

Meanwhile this burn is taking place Astronaut will be working on several very short term milestones including. Community incentives to help the marketing efforts, listing on Coinmarketcap and CoingGecko, possible listing with a CEX!, Hashex audit, Getting a perfected roadmap up on gitbooks, completing the lock with CRX through a beneficiary contract.

We ask all astronauts to help the effort and spread the word to board the ship. Postings on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. Making memes and sharing with our community. You know the drill pilots! Lets fly.



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