Astronaut IDO Prep: Grab that IDO allocation the right way

The staking and IDO how to guide is here!
Follow these easy steps and use them as a reference to ensure you are ready for the space flight ahead.

1.) Buy $NAUT token based on tier you want (Moon, Mars, etc). It should be noted that there is a buffer in place for staking into the IDO so you will only need what the tier says to get in.

2. Stake those $NAUT tokens on via the staking tab selecting the tier you would like.

3. Some time after the IDO has completed you will then buy your allocated $CRUSH tokens using BUSD on the IDO Pool tab.

*Any extra tokens left over from the IDO Whitelist will be made available on a fcfs basis via a new public pool to purchase with BUSD.

4. After all IDO rounds including potential FCFS leftover you will then be able to claim your tokens by clicking the claim button on the IDO Pool page.

5. You are now ready to $CRUSH it!

Additional notes:

*Two days after the IDO has concluded you will be able to withdraw your $NAUT tokens via the staking tab

*Apeswap liquidity will be added once all rounds of allocation have concluded.

Launch FAQ:
Q. Wen staking?
A. Staking times and dates will always be announced ASAP on our telegram and discord

Q. Do I have to unstake to claim to claim my IDO tokens after purchase?
A. No all you will need to do is click claim on your $CRUSH tokens on the IDO Pool page

Q. What will the Marketcap will Bitcrush be at once tokens release after the IDO?
A. 450K Marketcap

Q. How long will Staking for tier allocation be open for?
A. Staking will be open for two days. If the cap is not reached lthe remaining tokens will become available on a fcfs basis in the form of a pool under the IDO Pool tab.

Q. What is the vesting schedule for my allocation of $CRUSH tokens from my tier?
A. Currently every tier gets their allocation distributed immediately after being able to claim them.

We are constantly optimizing and seeking to make this the best experience possible for our community so updates will always come as soon as we can and will be cross posted on all out platforms.
Before we take off, all of us at wanted to say a big thank you to our community for your patience and dedication in making this the best community focused launchpad this side of the galaxy. Will see you on the moon Astronaut!

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