Astronaut IDO Guide
3 min readJun 14, 2021


How to participate in an Astronaut IDO ?

Astronaut will be hosting multiple IDOs each and every month. Below is a step by step guide on how you can participate in an Astronaut IDO!


Astronaut works with tiered launchpad pools. This means that in order to be eligible for participation in an IDO, you will need to stake the native token, $NAUT. Each tier requires a different amount of $NAUT to be staked!

⁃ MOON tier: 300 $NAUT

⁃ MARS tier: 750 $NAUT

⁃ STAR tier: 1000 $NAUT

⁃ GALAXY tier: 1500 $NAUT

Tiers that require a higher amount of $NAUT will guarantee a larger IDO allocation! This does also depend on the amount of people staked into each tier!

$NAUT has a 3% burn and 1% redistribution on every transaction. This means you will lose 4% when you stake into the tier and also lose 4% when you stake out of the tier. You don’t have to hold more $NAUT then the tier requires, because we have a 4% buffer on the tier in place (No need to ask if you need 312 $NAUT to enter the 300 $NAUT tier for example). Holding less then the required amount won’t let you stake into the tier.

Some IDOs will have a maximum amount of people that can participate, staking into tiers will be first come first serve.


1. For starters, you need to own the Astronaut native token $NAUT. $NAUT can be swapped here:

2. There will be a countdown on the “staking” page. This value will continue to countdown until staking into the launchpad tier is enabled. Staking is done by clicking on the highlighted tier button of the tier you wish to enter and waiting for the confirmation popups. After you approve the transactions, and you will see “your stake” if you did it the right way. NOTE: once you are staked into a tier you are locked in, you cant unstake or change your tier anymore. Staking will be enabled for a total of 2 hours, and will close directly after those 2 hours. If you are not staking by the end of this 2 hour time slot, then you are not eligible for the first round of the IDO.

3. 15 minutes after staking into tiers is disabled, the first IDO round starts. You can buy your allocation with BUSD on the “IDO pool” page. Click on the IDO pool you wish to enter, and then buy with the amount of BUSD you want to commit. Approve the transaction and wait until claiming is enabled. If you did this right, you will see your committed amount under “your contribution”. The first round will end 2 hours after it starts.

4. If more than the softcap is raised, claiming and unstaking will be enabled straight after the first round ends. If not, we proceed to step 5 and claiming and unstaking will remain disabled.

5. If the softcap is not reached, we will proceed to the second round. This will occur 45 minutes after the first round has ended. The second round is a FCFS (First come first served) pool with a whale limit. This pool can be found in the “astrorocket” page. Buy your allocation with BUSD without having the need to stake into a launchpad tier. This round will last for 1 hour.

6. 15 minutes after this round, claiming and unstaking will be enabled. NOTE that you only have 48 hours to claim and unstake your tokens from your tier. Claim your tokens on the “IDO pools” page and unstake your tokens from the tier on the “staking” page -> withdraw.

7. After you have claimed your allocation, you will need to add the contract address for this token to your wallet. After this, you can ensure you have correctly claimed your allocation.

8. You have participated in an Astronaut IDO




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