Astronaut has secured a partnership for the initial sale taking place on March 15th 2021

As we all have heard DODODEX had an exploit last night (March 8th 2021). Astronaut’s decision was to withdraw the partnership with DODO to better secure our community as your interest comes first.

The good news is Astronaut has made a much better partnership who will host our initial offering! We will not reveal who that partner is until tomorrow! Want to win some NAUT tokens? If you can guess who that partner is on our Twitter post we will airdrop you 200 NAUT tokens.

Take a guess on who the partner is on the comments section, retweet the post to give others a chance to guess as well. The first one to guess it correctly wins the 200 NAUT prize.

Date Recap and Timeline:

March 8th 2021: Phase I UI has been released check it out at but please do not attempt to buy any tokens as they are not available.

March 9th 2021: New partnership is on the menu!

March 10th 2021: New partnership revealed! Get suited up with your space suits and learn more on how to get into the initial sale.

March 11th 2021: Contests for airdrops, graphic designers, gifs, and telegram stickers.

March 15th: Initial sale! You do not want to miss this. Get your NAUT tokens before they hit the market.

March 17th: We will have airdrop winners announced on TG, join our Telegram

We will also be adding liquidity and pools to our DeFi partners platform for NAUT holders to reap rewards.

While this is a short term timeline, Astronaut will continue its development in implementing Phase II and releasing our platform and project purpose which is to decentralize the way new ideas and projects raise capital on the BNB ecosystem. Stay tuned and follow our Twitter @astronauttoken.



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