Astronaut FCFS Tiers!
3 min readDec 16, 2021


The long wait is finally over. Review this article for clarity on the new system!

Hello Astronaut family, it has been a long wait for the FCFS tiers but we have finally completed its development.

The new system is one no other IDO platform has ever used, it is totally native to Astronaut.

We know that all FCFS styles on Astronaut require just to hold $NAUT tokens in your wallet to make you eligible for the IDO. We have implemented a new tiering system to allow “more $NAUT holders” the ability to get an allocation in the IDO’s. This system requires you to hold a tier in your wallet to be eligible for your tiers allocation.

Based on our community feedback the FCFS IDO’s have always been more exciting and a “rush”, but we have had the problem of the FCFS selling out too quickly and many holders missing out. We found an easy solution that will continue making it exciting for participants.

This new system is not guaranteed allocation it is still a FCFS competition, but it will up your chances tremendously to be able to get into the IDO’s — we will explain the reason further.

Astronaut FCFS Tiers: ( Hold in wallet to be eligible for IDO pools)

Moon —400 $NAUT tokens
Mars — 1000 $NAUT tokens
Star — 2500 $NAUT tokens
Galaxy — 6000 $NAUT tokens

Pool weight? No pool weight, we set the values of the tiers for each and every IDO according to the holders in each tier. So for example on a 100k raise Galaxy might receive a $500 allocation but for a 250k raise Galaxy might receive a $2000 allocation.

This system will allow the top holders a higher chance to get into the FCFS by giving them the “power” to fill the pool in meanwhile the lower tiers will still be able to contribute and fill in the pool slowly.

Furthermore, it will get rid of botting. We will allow multi wallets with tiers as using multi wallets for Moon will never add up to a Galaxy tier allocation making it a disadvantage.

Eg: If Galaxy allocation is $800 Moon tier will be $53 give or take.

(Be advised: Moon tier will receive very small allocations so do not be suprised when seeing much smaller allocations for low tiers.)

Currently anyone who was eligible for IDO’s will still be eligible with the 1000 $NAUT holding on Mars tier.

Astronaut FCFS tiers will be put into place after December 20th 2021.

Astronaut has a strong IDO lineup every month. Stay informed by joining our social networks.



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