Astronaut FCFS IDO Pool Guide
3 min readJul 19, 2021


Learn how to enter the Astronaut FCFS IDO’s

Hello Astronaut’s, we have been hosting FCFS pools for our IDO’s while we work on developments and a solution for the burn situation. This is a win on both adding new members to the community and allowing easy access to IDO’s. We have seen large success so far. This article will explain how simple and easy the process of entering an IDO on our “Astrorocket” section is.

FCFS (First Come First Serve) pools are available to anyone and everyone. They are public pools that are open while IDO’s are live and anyone can stake into the pool.

The steps are as follows:

  • Visit > Go into the Astrorocket section (or bypass this step by going to this link directly :
  • You will see the pool’s available for staking (We will use BIRB pool as an example, it will show “Open” if the IDO has not been complete and will give you some information regarding the projects raise and socials)
  • Click on the pool (anywhere on the box) which will take you to the Astrorocket staking page
  • Connect your wallet (during the IDO you will see there is a timer that is activated with a countdown to the end of the IDO)
  • You will also notice some information such as Launch time, End, Raise amount, and max investment.
  • Prepare BUSD before the IDO to be ready for the staking (we use BUSD as opposed to BNB as it doesn't fluctuate in price and is predictable.)
  • When the pool opens connect your wallet and stake your BUSD up to the max contribution, you will notice that the “Your contribution” section now shows an amount, this means you are staked in and ready to go.
  • Now you wait until the IDO is over and the timer countdown has completed to be able to claim your tokens.
  • Troubleshoot: if you are having any problems such as not seeing the pools open or your contribution reflected onto the UI — refresh the page and clear cache.
  • Remember that first come first serve pools are exactly as they are called, once they fill no one else will be able to stake into the pool.

If you have any questions the Astronaut admins are always available to help. DM them directly for guidance and clarity regarding entering FCFS IDO pools.



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