Team strategy time lets huddle up Astronauts.

Huddle up for a community strategy meeting: It is time to begin moving in light speed on our project. With the new UI release around the corner, new partnerships, big AMA’s, CEX listing and more lets discuss the awesome strategy we have in hand.

As we have mentioned a couple of times before the Phase II implementation was supposed to take 3 months but was shortened to 3 weeks. We had planned to have a branding change after the Phase I has ended to bring us up to par as a “professional leader” in the BSC launchpad space.

With this professional look we would also need a professional branding to back us up! The epic genius, wizard, PhD, scientist, commander and alpha chad, Dr. NAUT has come up with a new branding strategy for our Astronauts.

We will first showcase our new and thought out logo which will be used in our UI and branding. We are moving away from the “meme, childish” look and introducing an awesome new logo that is professional, simplistic and clean.

This logo will be used as our main logo with different color gradiants according to the background color. Of course with an awesome logo there has to be some awesome icons, and tokens to follow with it. Introducing to our Astronauts our new icons which will be used across platforms, exchanges and social media!

This token icon will be used on websites such as Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, BSCScan, Blockfolio, ect. The background color allows for easier visibility when using small resolutions.

This awesome token icon will be used on our UI interface, some social media platforms such as Telegram channels, and Twitter.

With these new icons we have also sought out a new “mascot”. We will continue using our epic “cartoon” graphic work for posts and medium articles. We will also begin creating a more simplistic look with our branding around it.

These changes have all been well thought out and we hope the community will adapt to them quickly and smoothly. With these changes do not feel nervous if the “old” branding and logo is still integrated on certain platforms, websites, and social media posts. We will slowly be adding these new changes to everything to get it all to align.

I hope everyone likes the new branding strategy and we will be happy to hear any feedback on our plan and move to get this done.

P.S: Dr. NAUT wrote this post ;)

Hybrid auto yield token and protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain

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