Astronaut AMA Schedule April 2021
2 min readApr 11, 2021


What marketing efforts are we initiating to push $NAUT to the crowds?

The Astronaut team continues its marketing efforts to push the NAUT name to the crowds. We are continuously posting on Twitter, hosting contests and giveaways from our community fund. Reddit has become a platform that has given us an edge as well. Youtube has around 20 videos showcasing our platform and vision.

We will be listing shortly on multiple CEX’s to broaden our horizon. With all these changes coming we have also booked multiple AMA’s to talk more about our idea and plans for the near and long term future.

The AMA schedule is as follows:

CryptoNation AMA Scheduled for April 11th 1PM UTC

CryptoTalkz AMA Scheduled for April 12th 1PM UTC

CryptoLand AMA Scheduled for April 18th 4PM UTC

Satoshi Club AMA Scheduled for April 20th 3PM UTC

BSCDaily AMA April 22nd 1PM UTC

BSCNews AMA April 23rd 2PM BST — Press Release April 19th Prior to AMA

Dr. NAUT or one of our team members will be hosting the AMA’s to answer questions and discuss more about NAUT and why its a good time to get into the community and token as a holder.

Our goal is to bring to light the new UI which is releasing this week and our developments, as well as introducing our first IDO to the public.

Stay tuned and join our social media accounts for updated information and news.



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