AMA’s for potential IDO’s
3 min readMay 2, 2021


Astronaut is hosting AMA’s on our telegram for potential upcoming IDO’s

Hello Astronauts! It has been a crazy few weeks. We are finally winding down to our first IDO’s but first we need to take a small step back to take a large step forward.

Astronaut will be hosting AMA’s on their channel every single month for potential IDO projects that will launch on the Astronaut platform. The platform is ready for launches but we want to insure the best system and results for both our community and projects who come to launch with us.

These AMA’s are a move that no other launchpad has done or probably will do because it requires high level of transparency and that is exactly what we are about.

The first set of AMA’s being hosted on Astronaut’s telegram which can be found at are as follows:

  • Cosmic Swap — May 3rd 3pm UTC
  • Gift Protocol — May 3rd 5pm UTC
  • Zenchain Protocol — May 4th 2PM UTC
  • AtmosSoft — May 6th 1am UTC
  • Bitcrush — May 6th 10am EST
  • Rewards Cane — May 7th 1pm UTC

This list contains some very promising projects, many are looking to have their IDO’s during mid / late May.

The process for setting up our IDO’s isn’t a one day thing it requires much more thought and planning than most think. We will structure IDO’s in a very consistent manner.

  • Step 1: Introduction to the Astronaut community through an AMA
  • Step 2: Feedback is collected and projects that are accepted will be given information on how we proceed.
  • Step 3: Graphic design / marketing push prior to the pool being listed on this will help both raise awareness and allow for the raise to be filled
  • Step 4: Tier IDO Pool will be listed on our front end UI so $NAUT holders can see information and get comfortable with the system.
  • Step 5: Tier staking will be open for 7 days prior to an IDO where it would lock your tokens for a certain period of time and give our team time to execute a perfect launch
  • Step 6: Pools and allocation will be opened for 1 day only. It will allow you to stake the amount of BUSD you would like according to your max allocated amount.
  • Step 7: Round 2 will open when the full allocation isn’t subscribed. We will not host a round 2 if over 90% is allocated.
  • Step 7: After the IDO is complete you can claim your IDO tokens and NAUT tokens back into your wallet.

This process will be the same for every IDO we host on Astronaut. Our aim is to host 2–3 MAX IDO’s a month with only the top projects getting a spot.

Spoiler: out of the list of the AMA’s 2 have already been pre booked by our team for a spot in the May 2021 IDO list.

Note: We will be changing our tier’s one last time prior to the IDO’s we just wanted to be transparent and give everyone a heads up. The current price pump has made it a very hard entry into the tier levels for new comers. Do not worry if you think you have overbought $NAUT tokens as you will most likely place in a tier level higher than you currently are in.



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