Which side are you on?

Untold, hidden, and not part of our original roadmap.

Astronaut will have a small but very large UI revamp in the coming weeks. The separation of two platforms but merged into one. The UI will have a landing page to choose either Alien | Astronaut. The separation of two entities on all grounds- launchpad and yield optimizer.

What is Alien?

Alien is part of the new Astronaut ecosystem. We promised pools, we promised farms. We never explained how it would become integrated though. With $NAUT being a deflationary token and having a limited supply it wouldn’t be able to sustain a Defi platform.

Enter, $ALIEN (yes- our new token releasing soon) with minting built into it’s contract and a VERY low starting supply, minting extremely slowly per block. The $ALIEN token will be both valuable and limited.

What exactly are we building?

With our exceptional developers and without giving out too much information we have created a new system that has not been seen or done anywhere. It is a yield optimizer and yield “ETF” aggregator. What this means in astronaut language is the ability to enter farms and pools and as “ETF” style multiple token farms, through one base token or LP.

For example: We hold 3–5 high APY tokens (meme coins), those would go into an “ETF” pool of high APY tokens. You would then receive a % distributed of 3-5 tokens at a time. We would create multiple categories you can enter such as:

  • Deflationary Tokens

There will also be some gamification and an NFT marketplace (which NAUT can be traded into for tiering into Astronaut)

Where does NAUT come into the story?

The part many of you have been waiting for: The only way to farm Alien will be with $NAUT. (this may change much later on) There will never be a NAUT-NAUT pool. There will only be a NAUT-ALIEN or ALIEN-NAUT pool available. This makes $NAUT valuable as the $ALIEN tokens value will be very high from its extremely limited supply.

Without giving out too much information and details about the platform. We want to thank the community for being part of this journey. We are continuing to build and expand to support the $NAUT token best we can. Stay tuned for some serious updates coming soon.

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