The meme DeFi ecosystem with a TV show! Bullish.

Hello Astronaut family, happy to announce our next IDO taking place on Thursday July 29th 2021 at 3PM UTC for The IDO will be a FCFS pool available to the public.

“RIYOKU is a meme token yield farming ecosystem. RIYOKU farms and pools will contain only stable coins for structure and your favorite meme tokens for yield farming.

‌RIYOKU’s goal is to launch a cartoon tv series on a very popular broadcasting channel. We have begun talks with one of the largest cartoon producers and a broadcasting channel everyone is…

Learn how to enter the Astronaut FCFS IDO’s

Hello Astronaut’s, we have been hosting FCFS pools for our IDO’s while we work on developments and a solution for the burn situation. This is a win on both adding new members to the community and allowing easy access to IDO’s. We have seen large success so far. This article will explain how simple and easy the process of entering an IDO on our “Astrorocket” section is.

The feature rich DeFi ecosystem, BIRB!

Astronaut is happy to announce their next IDO taking place on July 21st at 3PM UTC, the epic $BIRB.

What is Birb? Birb is a community-governed cryptocurrency that rewards our holders, and we are constantly adding more features, such as diverse security options, e-commerce plugins, and social $BIRB sending. Birb plans to be a leader in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Cryptocurrency.

Birbswap: Introducing BirbSwap, a highly secured decentralized exchange that will allow you to easily buy, sell, or swap different tokens instantly while protecting your identity at all times.

FCFS IDO Launching on Thursday July 15th 2021

Guardian token is a decentralized token designed specifically to earn you passive income by unlocking high yield staking and farming opportunities on multiple platforms across the BSC Network.

Guardian token is part of an ecosystem and community called Wolfies. You can join their awesome community here:

The Wolf Den is a decentralized community dedicated to teaching crypto-investors how to create passive wealth, hedge their bets and take calculated moonshots. Our first Token, Wolfies, has been a massive success — hitting over 30x from presale price in just 2 days. …

Always moving forward, Always building.

Hello Astronaut community! We want to thank you all for your long term support and involvement in the project. It has been a long road since our launch. We have always strived to deliver utility and products according to our roadmap while ignoring any market conditions and outside noise.

We have completed our third IDO for $SOON — there was a small error while setting up contract which was overlooked. The error was just leaving out one “0”. The pool weight works by a multiplier and its a multiplier of 100, instead of inputing it…

Which side are you on?

Untold, hidden, and not part of our original roadmap.

Astronaut will have a small but very large UI revamp in the coming weeks. The separation of two platforms but merged into one. The UI will have a landing page to choose either Alien | Astronaut. The separation of two entities on all grounds- launchpad and yield optimizer.

What is Alien?

Alien is part of the new Astronaut ecosystem. We promised pools, we promised farms. We never explained how it would become integrated though. …

How to participate in an Astronaut IDO ?

Astronaut will be hosting multiple IDOs each and every month. Below is a step by step guide on how you can participate in an Astronaut IDO!


Astronaut works with tiered launchpad pools. This means that in order to be eligible for participation in an IDO, you will need to stake the native token, $NAUT. Each tier requires a different amount of $NAUT to be staked!

⁃ MOON tier: 300 $NAUT

⁃ MARS tier: 750 $NAUT

⁃ STAR tier: 1000 $NAUT

⁃ GALAXY tier: 1500 $NAUT

Tiers that require a higher…

The game changer.

Hello Astronaut family, this article will give you more insight about some of our developments coming to v2.2:

With our first successful IDO behind us, we have delivered exactly what we have promised. Twin Finance is our next IDO in line scheduled for June 15th 2021. Furthermore, we are working on booking another IDO for the end of June. Staking / IDO pools for Twin Finance will open on June 15th, remember it is a limited pool so its a FCFS for the staking.

Many new updates have been implemented for the upcoming IDO, such as limited…

Flight control: We have a confirmed IDO launch with the awesome Twin Finance.

Astronaut is excited to host the IDO launch for Twin Finance which will take place on June 15th 2021 @ 4 pm UTC.

Staking into the tiers will be announced as the date gets closer with a timer to keep everyone informed. We will follow up with price per $TWIN and confirmed total raise amounts.

NOTE: there will be a limit to the pool - 950 participants MAX, if any of the raise is not completed NAUT holders will receive a chance to enter the FCFS round

The simple process you receive on your end, is not quite as simple on our end.

This article is to help you better understand and clear questions that pertain to who we launch, why we launch them, and how we get projects into the IDO launch stage:

Astronaut starts off every IDO with conversations between our team and the project that want to launch. These projects then get scheduled for a live AMA on the Astronaut telegram to introduce their token and idea. Conversations usually end off on a live voice chat between the Astronaut team and potential IDO project.

Hybrid auto yield token and protocol for decentralizing the way your ideas raise capital. Built on the Binance Smart Chain

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